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How to find a good part-time job


How do you find a good part-time job which uses your experience and skills – and pays accordingly – or negotiate a part-time position in your current job? It is an issue that many parents, particularly of younger children, find challenging since such jobs are often not advertised widely. There are organisations, such as, […]

How do I get back to work with career gaps?: ask the expert


I am currently a stay-at-home mum to a nine month old. I have had a number of roles during my years of employment (in which there are significant gaps). I want to know what is the best route to take regarding employment. I have a PhD that I’d like to put into use, but does […]

I want a part-time job: ask the expert


At the start of the year my husband and I decided to move back to Nottingham (after spending the last seven years in London) with our 18-month old daughter, to be closer to family and to purchase our first home. We are currently living at my dad’s so as to save more money for our […]

Facing ageism trying to get back to work: ask the expert


I work – or used to work – in arts education and development within the statutory sector. Since the recession and redundancy I have struggled to find a new post which I feel matches my skills and experience. Suddenly I seem to be ‘too experienced’ when I feel I am most able to take up the challenges of a […]

Thinking of going back to college: ask the expert


I’m a 29-year-old single mother to a daughter who’s 9. I am currently employed on a zero hour contract and my hours are constantly being messed around.  I’m looking at the possibility of going back to school to study, but have no idea of where to start….who to call….or even if I’ll be able to […]

International employees don’t get taxed on benefits, but I do: ask the expert


I work for a multinational company where people get moved internationally. I have to pay tax on any benefits I receive. However, employees that have been moved internationally get all the tax on their benefits paid for by the company (with no time limit). I do not understand how under equality legislation a company can […]

How to retrain


Coach Emma Louise O’Brien gives some tips on how to go about retraining. Returning to work after having children is not always straightforward. Your priorities have changed, you require more flexibility and you need to cover those childcare costs. Have you heard yourself saying things like “I can’t do that job because I don’t have […]

Getting my career off the ground: ask the expert


I am 20 years old.  I am a single mother.  My daughter is now 13 months old and I have been trying for about 2 months now to find some part-time work, but am having little luck. I would describe my career as being at entry level I have between 1 to 2 years experience; I worked as […]

Job hours changed from interview to induction: ask the expert


I’m looking for some advice. I currently am on an induction period at work. I am due to be given my contract next week. When being interviewed for the job I was told by the manager the contract would be a choice of 33 hours, 34 and a half hours or 44. I made it […]

How to do a good video interview


Charles Hipps of WCN, gives some tips on how to make a good impression in a video interview. Companies are increasingly using video interviewing as part of their recruitment process. Video interviewing allows organisations to save both time and money, whilst testing the candidate’s verbal skills, character and time keeping. Both one (candidate uploading a […]

Not learning anything on apprenticeship: ask the expert


I started my apprenticeship two months ago; my manager is still not contacting the lady from college. I don’t know when I will start at the college. However, I don’t feel fulfilled here. I learnt only 3 things and my employer doesn’t give me any tasks to do. Very often I am at the office […]

Annual leave accrued while on sick leave: ask the expert


I work for the NHS and I have been on long term sick leave since the birth of my second child due to complications arising from the birth. My entitlement to SSP ended at the end of April 2014 and so I requested to take annual leave in May 2014 (to maintain some income). My […]

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