Advice and Support: Flexible Working


Hours changed on my shift

I have started a six-month contract in July working from 8am – 4pm and then received an email stating that I should check the rota for new times daily which now show 9-5 for the whole month. In my contract it says 8-4 though that these hours can be changed for business needs. The previous […]

Job has been changed and given to someone else after maternity leave

My question is related to my role after retuning to work following 12 months of maternity leave. I have just returned to work and have been aware that the company employed a permanent person to cover the bulk of my role, albeit under a slightly different role title. In the last few weeks of maternity […]

Can my employer withdraw homeworking?


I have worked for the same employer for the past 13 years as a full-time gaphic designer. A few years ago I had my first child and upon returning to work requested flexible working which was granted. As such I reduced my hours to 14 per week and worked from home. Over the past few […]

Job advertised as full-time given to part timer


A position recently became available for a full-time post one grade above my current grade. I enquired if a job share would be considered and was told no. I therefore did not apply as I can’t work five days or four very long days. I have now found out that the job has been offered […]

Company trying to take away fixed days in promotion


I am currently working a fixed days roster in a 50% contract. I have been successful at interview for promotion. However my company are only offering me a 50% flexi contract which means they write my roster a month in advance and dictate my working days. I’ve asked for a fixed pattern roster so I […]

Is deafness preventing me getting a flexible job?

I am a mother with a one year old. I went back to work four months ago and work in marketing for a charity. At the moment I have to work full time and it’s exhausting with juggling childcare. I leave the house 7.30am and get home 6.30pm every day. I am also profoundly deaf, […]

Flexible request agreed then rescinded


I recently made a formal request in writing for a flexible working arrangement. My current shift pattern is 12pm-8pm. I requested 8:30 – 4:30 every day. To my surprise I received an email the next day saying that based on the reasons in my request I do certainly have a case for a family friendly […]

Forced to take job in different team with increased workload


I have worked for a large blue chip organisation for 15 years, originally on a full-time contract, but since having my children have moved to a 28-hour contract. Last year the department was reorganised and I was moved to an equivalent role in a different team. The new team is an area I have no experience in and […]

Part-time request turned down


I went into work after nearly a year off on adoption leave to discuss my flexible work request. I asked for a job share or alternative part-time roles within the business. I’ve been told that a job share won’t work and that there are no suitable roles available for part time, but was told about […]

Do I have to re-apply for flexible working?


I currently have a permanent Flexible Working Regulation agreement with my employer involving shift working reduced to a 34-hour per week contract with set rest days. I have been offered promotion from a closed grade to a new ‘fair and sustainable’ pay scale with new terms and conditions. I have been told that I will […]

Hours and location changed during pregnancy: ask the expert

Tracey Guest

I have been with my employer for five years as bank staff and I have just returned to work after the loss of a baby and my maternity leave has now ended. There has been a change of management, which is common and happens yearly. I am currently pregnant and will only be at work […]

Should a four-day week mean squeezing five days into four?: ask the expert


I’ve just had a meeting with our HR Advisor. I told her that I would like to change from a five-day week to a four-day week. She said this would entail me squeezing everything I do into a four-day week, as this is how it works. My understanding was that I would carry out only four days […]

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