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Part-time request turned down

I returned to work recently after nine months’ maternity leave. I requested to go back four days, but my manager emailed back 20 minutes later saying no. I have struggled full time so have decided to leave and handed my notice in last week. My manager was discussing replacing me and said my job didn’t […]

In a restructure do I have a right to a part-time job?

I have been employed as a part-time employee for over nine years for the same company. The company I work for underwent a restructure last year. I was invited to a consultation meeting, but as I had just had a C Section I had to decline. I was then sent the PDF presentation of the […]

Part-time role going full time

I am a carer for my elderly mum who has breast cancer and lives with me. I have worked in my job since 2005, being TUPEd when another company won the contract in 2013. I was part time four days when I was TUPEd and then in 2014 it was agreed I could go down […]

My job is being combined into a new role

I’m currently on maternity leave for the second time. When I returned to work after my first child, flexible working was agreed and my role changed from five days to three. I’ve now been told that my role will be made redundant (marketing manager), along with a part-time colleague (sales executive) to make way for […]

Job relocated during maternity leave

I am on maternity leave for a year and put in a request for flexible working, but on a recent KIT day I had a strange conversation with my new manager. Since being away I was told my role had changed, without consultation, to a semi promotion, but then got told face to face that […]

Turned down for term-time only work to look after autistic son

I currently work school hours two days a week. Since September my eldest child, who is severely autistic, has started senior school in a different county, meaning that school holidays do not match those of my youngest child. I now have to find cover for 17 weeks of school holidays, not 12. Due to the […]

Agreement on hours changed with new manager

I applied for a job six months ago. I told them I could work two nights a week over three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.  They wrote a contract immediately with these specific details dependent on references and a police check. I attended training which I will be paid for once I start. […]

Flexible working turned down and ad hoc shifts imposed

I submitted my flexible working application for my return from maternity leave in September. I had been working full time up to 2014 then I had an agreement to work three set shifts. My manager finally rejected my application in January, after ignoring my follow-up email at the end of November. My application was to […]

How to find a new flexible job

How do you find a good flexible job which uses your experience and skills? For many working parents, flexible working is their number one priority. Here are some tips on how to find a new flexible job. Most organisations don’t advertise flexible jobs, except part-time ones so where do you start looking? There are organisations, […]

Can I be made redundant because I won’t work full time?

Can an employer make me redundant simply because they want me to work full time when I currently only work part time? I am not convinced that this is a redundancy as my position or work is not diminishing. If anything the argument is that there is too much work for me to carry it […]

Verbal agreement on flexible working withdrawn

I submitted a request for flexible working at the beginning of January, reducing my role from five days to three following maternity leave. My employer responded advising the days I had requested were not favourable and offered me an alternative working pattern. By return I gave another three-day week pattern for review and heard nothing […]

Job share under threat in restructure

I really need some help and advice regarding my current employment. I have just started maternity leave soon. Just before I went on leave we were told that my employer would be restructuring its support staff and a document was sent out for all to look at and digest. Last year, I was diagnosed with […]

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