Advice and Support: Flexible Working


Job share under threat in restructure

I really need some help and advice regarding my current employment. I have just started maternity leave soon. Just before I went on leave we were told that my employer would be restructuring its support staff and a document was sent out for all to look at and digest. Last year, I was diagnosed with […]

Can my employer change the way they calculate holidays?

I currently work as a practice nurse, 18.5 hours a week spread over three days. I do two 6.5 and one 5.5 hour shift. My employer is talking about changing how we use up our holiday entitlement from hours to days. I’m in a team of three nurses and we all work different hours on […]

Should I have to take a fixed-term contract to get a part-time role in my organisation?

I’m due to return shortly from Additional Maternity Leave. My role is as a full-time manager. At the time I return there is a part-time supervisor maternity cover role coming up at a more convenient location. This role suits me perfectly, but my manager has said I will have to resign my role and take […]

Asked for change of shift, but they have offered a flexible one

Three months ago I put in a request in writing for my hours to be changed from 1-10 to 9:30-6:30 and I said in the letter that August was my deadline because my daughter is going to be starting school and when she does go to school I won’t be able to do the hours […]

Holidays for working over Christmas

We are a small team. I work part time and always have Thursdays and the weekend off. The employer has stated we will close the office (and be paid additional ‘bonus holiday’) on Thursday 24th December, Friday 25th Dec, Sat 26th Dec, Mon 28th December. A full timer will then work a half day on 29th […]

What can I do if my employer refuses to reduce my hours for health reasons?

I am contractually required to work nine hours per day but, due to health reasons (osteoarthritis), I’ve asked my employer to reduce my hours to seven per day. I have a letter from my GP which states that ‘a reduction would be beneficial to my health’ etc. I’ve had two operations (lower back & left […]

Flexible working agreed, but with reduced pay

Prior to my maternity leave I was in a full-time permanent role, typically working 9 to 5.30 with an half hour for lunch, Monday to Friday. I have requested to return to work four days per week for nine hours, from 8.30 to 18.00 representing 90% of my previous working hours and pay. My employer […]

Asked to do a night shift after negotiating flexible working

I am returning to work after 12 months on maternity leave from an administrative role within a recruitment company. In my original full-time contract, one of my responsibilities should have been the ‘Night Phone’ where you are on call for 12 hours as an out of hours service for the clients and employees. However, I […]

Flexible request refused

I’ve been with my office for just under six years. Before maternity my hours were 9-5:30 with an hour paid lunch. In fact before I was pregnant I was covering two roles which meant I had to often do unpaid overtime. The only reason I dropped one was because I was pregnant and the stress […]

Trouble over request for more flexible shifts

I returned to work a month ago after a year’s maternity leave. I work in a call centre type environment with about 120 colleagues, on different shift patterns. A few weeks before I returned I was informed that my workplace were conducting an attendance review involving all of my colleagues, to make the spread of […]

Hours changed on my shift

I have started a six-month contract in July working from 8am – 4pm and then received an email stating that I should check the rota for new times daily which now show 9-5 for the whole month. In my contract it says 8-4 though that these hours can be changed for business needs. The previous […]

Job has been changed and given to someone else after maternity leave

My question is related to my role after retuning to work following 12 months of maternity leave. I have just returned to work and have been aware that the company employed a permanent person to cover the bulk of my role, albeit under a slightly different role title. In the last few weeks of maternity […]

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