Advice and Support: Franchising and Starting A Business


Starting a franchise

You’ve probably seen franchises advertised, but may be a bit unsure about what they are and be worried about the cash needed to fund them. Many businesses now run as franchises, from language teaching to family magazines, and every business is different from another, with the amount of money you have to invest varying hugely […]

Beginners’ guide to franchises

You’ve seen the ads for franchises, but you’ve never really known what they are, let alone whether they might be right for you. Well, now’s your chance to find out. Workingmums has launched  a new franchises section which not only contains a whole list of franchise offers, but also advice and information about everything related […]

Top tips: how to set up a website

Lisa Schiller from Scooter Computer gives you a step by step guide to setting up your own website. If you’re running a business from home, your company website often acts as your shop front to the rest the world – so it’s important your website looks smart. Create your own The good news is that […]

Can I get my money back after signing up to a franchise: ask the expert


I have applied for an opportunity to join a company that I have seen online. When contacted by the company, I understood that what they were offering was a franchising opportunity. I ended up paying the starting fee and attended a one-day training. So far I have not signed any contract and I do not […]

Can my mum cover my business while I am on maternity leave?


I run my own small business as a sole trader, but I am about to have a baby. I am claimed Maternity Allowance. I know I will lose MA if I work. Will I have to keep going and have no leave or can I get my mum to cover for me while I am […]

Small business owner working out holiday entitlement: ask the expert

I have a small business and can now afford to pay someone to work every Monday for 10 hours on a permanent basis. However, I would also like to take off Bank Holidays, a Saturday here and there and a week off now and again. How do I manage this contractually and know how much […]

Trying to get an employee back early: ask the expert

I run a small business. A key member of staff is on maternity leave and due back shortly, changing from full time to three days a week, but she wants to add holiday on to the end of her leave. Another member of staff is just about to go on maternity leave and I need […]

Do I have to agree to a homeworking request: ask the expert

During the Olympics we allowed people to work from home. One has requested to work from home full time since then. Do I have to agree if they say it worked okay during the Olympics?

Can I stop flexible working if it is not in my business interests: ask the expert

Can I withdraw from a flexible working agreement if it is no longer in my business’s interests?

Finding mentors for starting a business: ask the expert


I have a great desire to open my own cafe and also to start a company that allows me to sell my art craft work. But I’m having difficulty in figuring out how to get financial help. Could I get help with my business plan and advice from mentors? How can I find them? I […]

Wanting to start a children’s jewellry business: ask the expert


I would really like to start a children’s jewellery making party business, but I don’t know where to start. I already have a market stall and so have public liability insurance, but I am not sure what regulations I would need to adhere to when putting together my business plan. There are obvious risks involved […]

Starting a franchise with debts: ask the expert


I’d love to start a franchise so I can go part time in my day job. However, there is no way I can afford some of the costs they incur. I am currently in the process of an IVA which will last up to six years so therefore no credit company or bank will look […]

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