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I have been employed on a series of fixed-term contracts by my employer for seven years. During this time my salary was always externally funded. Last year I was informed that I'd been made permanent. Then the source of funding for my post ran out and I was told that I was at risk of redundancy. I had already informed my boss that I was pregnant. In the period of looking for alternative employment within the organisation a post was identified for me at a lower rate of pay. The organisation's redundancy policy had always allowed employees to retain their salary if the new job was worse paid (as long as this was in the same pay band - in this case it is), but I was told this would not apply as the new job is externally funded also (this is not mentioned in the policy). Now I am being told that my additional maternity pay (organisation's maternity pay) will be based on my new lower salary too. I thought because my statutory maternity pay would be based on my old pay (the qualifying period is based on my old salary) this would be the same for the organisation's pay. I do feel as if at every opportunity I am being short changed. Is this discriminatory? View full answer >

Answered by: Louise Taft


I work for the NHS and I have been on long term sick leave since the birth of my second child due to complications arising from the birth. My entitlement to SSP ended at the end of April 2014 and so I requested to take annual leave in May 2014 (to maintain some income). My request was denied for the following reason: "If you can take holidays then you must be fit to return to work - what date are you intending to return?" As of yet though, I do not have a return to work date. So my question is, are the NHS correct in not allowing me to take my accrued holidays after the end of my SSP, and is there anything I can do to challenge this? View full answer >

Answered by: Tara Daynes

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I'm a self employed personal trainer and contracted to a gym as a 'supplier'. As part of the contract I am required to wear a uniform, but at 15 weeks, it's starting to feel uncomfortable. I asked if I could wear my own trousers and was told no, I will have to wear men's trousers. As they are gym trousers with a scrunched elastic waist band, they are still digging in and feel uncomfortable around my tummy. Can I wear my own trousers, or do I have to put up with what I've told to wear? Also what rights am I entitled to as a self-employed person? I plan to work up till my due date and return after four months, but I'm now afraid I'll be forced to leave. View full answer >

Answered by: Tracey Guest

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