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I started to work at a nursery early last year. I was working on a temporary contract without an end date (covering a person who was a sick), but then got pregnant. I went on maternity leave in October and told them I was thinking not to return at the end of my leave. I met my employer today and asked about holiday pay during my maternity leave. He told me I had ceased to be an employee as soon as I moved onto SMP because I had said I was thinking not to return after maternity leave. I have not received my P45, any information that my contract was finished and my employer has been paying me SMP.  Can an employer do something like this? View full answer >

Answered by: Sejal Raja


I have been back at work for seven months after returning from maternity leave on a part-time basis three days per week. I have now been given a notice that my job is at risk of redundancy as they don't have any need for two senior designers. They are making one team leader role and basically asking us both to if we want to apply for this position. It is set out as a full-time position, but it could be negotiable to be part-time if I can show them a strategy as to how I would approach it and if I think it could work. The other senior designer is full time at the moment so it feels like I am being unfairly put up against him and really it's their way of getting rid of me. I have been offered statutory redundancy if I become redundant worked out on my part-time wage even though I have worked for the company for seven years and the majority of that was full time. Can you give me any advice? View full answer >

Answered by: Louise Taft


I started my apprenticeship two months ago; my manager is still not contacting the lady from college. I don't know when I will start at the college. However, I don't feel fulfilled here. I learnt only 3 things and my employer doesn't give me any tasks to do. Very often I am at the office doing nothing, just browsing the net. I am very upset and feel like I am wasting my time here. To be honest I would like to cancel the programme and do a different apprenticeship where I will be busy and learn a lot. What can I do? View full answer >

Answered by: Linda Whittern

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