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I submitted my flexible working request and met with my manager yesterday who said they cannot do any of my requests. Previously I worked 9-5 Monday to Friday with occasional (unpaid) weekend work. In my letter I requested to reduce my working week to four days and do two days from home. Before going on maternity leave I worked two days from home because of ill health and my work were extremely supportive of me which I am eternally grateful for. However, they say I cannot do part time due to additional costs. I didn't ask what these costs are. But surely if I drop a day the reduction in my salary will offset paying someone else for that day? Also if I were to work from home two days that would reduce their office costs?
Secondly, they rejected my homeworking [which I asked for as I have a very long commute] saying that if something bad happened they would need everyone in the same place so the work could be passed on easier. I think what they were trying to say falls under the point: inability as an employer to reorganise the work within the existing workforce. I was also told that there was no hidden agenda and that the person covering my work had nothing to do with it.  My manager called this an informal meeting before the flexible working one.  View full answer >

Answered by: Emma Wellard


I found out that I won't get my maternity allowance as I only worked 21 weeks within the 66 weeks before my due date. I was a full-time student so I did not pay any taxes. Does that count? I still have 14 weeks to go. Would voluntary work or giving private classes count to have those 5 missing weeks?  View full answer >

Answered by: Des Desai


I am a manager at a national company. I have been off sick for 5 weeks. Today I received notification that they have changed my job role without consultation. My wage, job title & hours of work remain. However, my role has been totally changed, but there will be no formal contract change, nor any formal role profile change in HR's eyes. I will operationally cease to perform my other duties & spend all my time performing one task. This is been passed off as a local operational decision only. My question is can the company do this or do I have a right to fight? View full answer >

Answered by: Tracey Guest

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