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I have seen a job share position advertised which I am very interested in. However, it states: "Flexibility to work additional hours outwith these times to provide planned absence cover for the other job sharer is required.'' The reason I require a job share (as I imagine most employees do) is because I cannot commit to working more than half of the week due to childcare. Can employers make this a legal requirement? I also don't understand the logic of it, as surely if I were to be called in to cover when my job share is off it would just leave the employer short when I am taking my time off in lieu for working the extra hours. When full-time workers are on holiday or off sick nobody magically appears to fill their shoes! View full answer >

Answered by: Louise Taft

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I have been with my current company just over five years. A couple of weeks ago I and two colleagues were put under potential redundancy. This is not because my job is redundant - although they say it now needs to be a national role and may involve overnight stays which I cannot do as a single mum and involves demonstrations I am not trained to do, but due to the fact that they have had a restructure. My male colleague's role has just been tweaked, but I have been steered into another role which is 50% management and 50% support and am supposed to be doing my trial period to see if I like it the trouble, but so far I am still doing my old sales role, mainly I think because they have not got anyone else to do this and this will mean no sales figures coming in. How do I stand legally? I was told it was business as usual until the new year as I need training, but I cannot see how I can see if I like the role if I'm not doing it? They are also interviewing for my old role at the moment and I feel that they are just using me as there isn't anyone else doing it.
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Answered by: Tracey Guest


I have been working part-time at a company (one day a week) for one and a half years now. I also hold a second job (four days a week). The first company (one day a week ) has said that due to increased business and the need for restructuring, my role has to be extended to include my original duties plus extra responsibilities and needs to be for at least four days a week. They have offered me the new position, but the salary for this position they are offering is not so high. Please can you let me know what my rights are? I have no written contract. Can they ask me to leave ? Can I stay part-time? Am I entitled to redundancy pay? View full answer >

Answered by: Tara Daynes

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