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I have worked since I left school also going to college.  I have mainly worked as a receptionist - my last job was doing that at a health spa.  I left work in 2001 to have a family.  I am now looking to return to work, but don't know where to start. I am unsure of how to put my cv together as I am unsure of dates of places I have worked. Any advice please?  I am used to the telephone, computers etc. Ideally working from home would be fantastic due to school runs though I would also be open to evening work. As my partner is home from work by 3pm he would be able to take over childcare. I also have a NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration. View full answer >

Answered by: Linda Whittern


I have recently returned from maternity leave (40 weeks). Before I left, I was an operational head earning a good salary with an associated monthly bonus. I have worked for this company for 8 years and worked long hours to get to the level I am now at. I understand that as I took 40 weeks off I am not entitled to the same role but I am entitled to a position of the same standing. I have returned to a supporting projects role and a new manager working 24 hours per week over four days. I have no work to speak of, no team to manage (having managed 70 people before I left) and my pay, although pro-rata is not bonused and in effect, I am taking a £10K pay cut over the year. I have not been given a job specification and have asked twice for clarification and an increase in workload from both my new line manager and my previous line manager but have been given nothing. I've gone from busy, productive days leading a team and making a difference while furthering my career, to begging other departments for admin work or something to keep me busy. Otherwise I am literally doing nothing. There may be individuals that would be happy to earn a salary for doing very little, but I was very clear when asking to return to work that I wanted a position where I could continue my career, not a gratuitous position - which is exactly what they have given me. I feel as though I should have been made redundant if they could not find a suitable role. I was advised that I'm not able to run my previous department over 24 working hours. I feel utterly lost and useless. I have an excellent track record and up until now felt valued, significant and in a position to keep pushing upwards. Where do I stand?  View full answer >

Answered by: Alan Lewis


I am a Senior Director in my organisation. When I left on maternity leave there was an interim cover appointed to the role who subsequently left. I have just found out that the company has hired a permanent replacement (man from outside the EU) to perform my role and I received no communication or consultation about this. This appointment was within my OML (first 26 weeks) and I contacted them immediately to ask them what role they had for me, but I am still waiting for a response. I am due back in March (I took 9 months maternity leave). Would I have a claim of maternity-related discrimination/ unlawful detriment or as I had indicated at the beginning of my maternity leave I was taking 9 months, has this negated that possibility? Also do I have to wait for them to offer me a role before taking further action? View full answer >

Answered by: Tracey Guest

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