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I am returning to work after a career break.  During my break I set up my own business providing Bridal Hair & Make-up services.  Putting this in my CV kind of puts employers off as it’s not related to the corporate roles I am applying for.  Should I leave this out or keep it there so it shows that I have still been working and keeping my skills fresh even if it’s in a different field? View full answer >

Answered by: Linda Whittern


I'm due to go on maternity leave, but have been asked to go full time upon my return, having worked part time since my last pregnancy. I asked them to consider increasing my hours from 20 to 30, but they have said that my role requires a person to be present at all times and job sharing just wouldn't work. I am in a marketing role and they have said that recruitment agencies will find it difficult to source anyone willing to do the remainder of my hours if I stay with 20 hours or job share. Can they force me to go full time - will they push me to leave if I refuse to go full time? They want a decision before I go on maternity leave. View full answer >

Answered by: Tara Daynes


I have just been refused maternity allowance because I haven't paid enough National Insurance contributions. Could I pay what I owe and still get maternity allowance? View full answer >

Answered by: Des Desai

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