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Hi im a mobile supervisor and im contracted to do 40 hours a week however i may not do 40 a week as long as i do 80 hours a fortnightly i meet the contracted hours. I was on adoption leave 2 years ago, the week i was due back i was told the job i had, was going, so rather then been made redundant they said they will transfer me to another team.
As i was going to put the child in nursery when i come back as i knew that the contract i was doing before i left was flexible i didnt think it would be a problem for me. However as soon as i was told about the changes i said straight away i would find this hard, as the new job meant more set hours ie my early start is 6 my late is 8 at night i dont have set hours as long as i do 80 a fortnightly. They said for me to try it. Which i have done but it has been very hard and coped up till now. But as im struggling I have asked if i could job share but i cant do that as i use a company vehicle the other person or myself would find it hard to pass it on. Ive asked for another person to do some of the areas and i would do theirs but as most of the areas are set times and the clients are used to that person it wouldnt work so was told i cant do that either. Im trying different ways but it feels what ever im trying i get knocked back. Can they do this??

Editor: Did this all happen two years ago and when they made the change and said to try it, did they give an end date to the trial and say they would review it? If you agreed to the change without any stipulations over review then the only way you could change it would be through filing a formal request for flexible working, which you may have done. Your employer can turn down a request on any of eight grounds - see If you feel the grounds on which they have rejected your appeal are not reasonable, you can appeal, but it would be a good idea to take into account their concerns and reach a compromise. 

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