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Raring2go! has added even more value to it’s start up package. This means that the first 6 months of trading as a Raring2go! franchisee will be cost free.

Raring2go! is a flexible home based magazine and website publishing business which punches well above its weight. We are members of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and our proven business model will blend seamlessly with your family lifestyle and become, with hard work and dedication, a profitable and financially rewarding business.

To start any business where the first six months of trading are cost free and anxiety free is an amazing scenario and a brilliant opportunity. Raring2go! has developed its impressive start up package in order that its franchisee’s can focus their energy fully right from the outset on developing strong lasting relationships with advertisers, the local community and family audience alike.

Ours is a proven and sustainable model but it is a business, not a job or a salary. Raring2go! will become the definitive local guide of what to do and where to go for families and their children in your area with your commitment and dedication. Your hard work and skills in sales and marketing, along with our superb head office support will ensure your Raring2go! becomes a very successful business..

Our brilliantly comprehensive start up package includes:

  • An exclusive territory in a bfa member franchise
  • List of distribution points in your exclusive territory
  • A comprehensive operating manual and on-going training to ensure your skills are always up-to-date
  • Templates of the magazines in all recognized formats (InDesign, Quark, Publisher)
  • Media pack in both hard and soft copy format
  • Sample magazines
  • Ongoing and unlimited support from head office and our other franchisees
  • Logins to our Skydrive resource archive
  • A bespoke desktop computer and 22 inch screen, pre-configured with the latest windows software and links to our bespoke magazine and client management software and cms (content management system)
  • Full in house training in Raring2go! software, design, social media and sales
  • Regular regional meetings with fellow editors
  • An annual national conference
  • Your own area-specific website and email accounts
  • Branded stationary, magazine dispensers and merchandise
  • Bespoke content management system
  • Bespoke Client Relationship Management system (CRM)

and the best bit…

  • The first 6 months licence fees
  • Your first 32 page magazine x 10,000 copies

We know that the inclusion of your first magazine and first 6 months licence fee is a massive boost to your business. We recommend that income from the first edition be used to provide ongoing operating capital for your business. We have excellent relationship with the leading franchise banks who know our business model well .

Raring2go! will require lots of hard work, commitment and dedication but the potential is real and is there for the taking.

Bear in mind too that as a home based business, you will avoid child care costs during school holidays, inset days or when your children are unwell. What’s more your Raring2go! business offers you the flexibility to strike a genuinely healthy balance between work and life.

If you think you’re Raring2go! we’d love to hear from you.

Case Study

Raring2go! Tynedale

Amy Graham, used to be a Sales Manager for a busy Newspaper.

Sorry, its a bit cheesy but it’s all true! I have just distributed my latest edition of Raring2go! Tynedale and I can honestly say that the last year has been one of my most memorable. Raring2go! has allowed me to continue my career but to also spend quality time with my family & friends. Raring2go! is part of my life now, I can never truly switch off as I’m always looking and thinking about new ideas but my working hours fit around my family life. Running the magazine and keeping the website updated can be hard work, but I get lots of support from the other Editors and head office and enjoy challenge.

I regularly get positive feedback from advertisers & readers and I am proud to be part of Raring2go!

Raring2go! Warrington

Raring2go! editor Tracy Leach, 40, used to be a customer service manager with Tesco then ran her own business before having a child. She decided that a R2g! franchise was an ideal next career move for her as it fits around her family while ensuring she feels fulfilled and mistress of her own destiny.

Tracy says she brings enthusiasm, hard work, organisation and approachability to the job and above all, she knows exactly how her readers think and feel as her target audience comprises people just like her. She wants her magazine to be the best it can be and looks forward to helping other editors achieve their goals too. Outside her new business, Tracy enjoys roller skating, running and generally having fun.

Raring2go! Kidderminster & Stourbridge

Sally Walters has been a Raring2go! Editor for 6 years. Her background was in Marketing before investing in Raring2go! in 2008. She wasn’t looking into franchising before hand, so it was a fresh new experience to launch into… “As a mother of two young children, I loved the concept of the magazine and could see the value it would offer to a parent. It’s easy to then get excited about a business opportunity if you love the product. I could see that Raring2go! offered flexible working that is often so elusive.” What do you find are the biggest challenges? “Having to motivate yourself, picking yourself up after a disappointing day , things you have no control over, like sick children etc will always crop up, but there again, the beauty of working for yourself is that you can change priorities when you need to.”

Tell us about your day…”A typical day for me, is the School run, washing on, kettle on, hit the desk, make a dent in the ‘To Do’ list with emails and phone calls. Depends on what part of the magazine cycle I’m in as to whether the day is mainly spent on the phone chasing artwork/selling, chasing money or designing the lay out. School run again at 3pm and then an hour or so in the evening, replying to emails, posting on social media or uploading events to website.” We asked Sally, does Raring2go! offer you the flexibility you were looking for? “Yes it does – particularly around the school holidays. I would class it as flexible work, rather than part time work.”

Can you see yourself as the next Editor of Raring2go!…Now you’ve got a better picture of what we’re about, why not take the next step and request further information!

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