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Boogie Beat Music & Movement

Music & Dance Classes for 6 months to 5 years

About Us


Established in May 2000, Boogie Beat Music & Movement run music and dance classes for children from the age of six months right up to five years. Boogie Beat Music & Movement classes are energetic and fun, combining music and dance with carefully structured learning.

Boogie Beat music and dance classes help children to develop confidence, co-ordination and social skills whilst they learn to express themselves in a warm and relaxed environment. Boogie Beat Franchise are a unique music and movement business, as the classes are very active and lively.

Boogie Beat classes incorporate dance themes based on traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes using all our own music and illustrations. Boogie Beat franchise also offer a Party Package for pre-school children which will give you extra earning potential.

Due to increasing demand for the music and dance business, over the last 11 years, Boogie Beat are now recruiting franchisees across the UK to bring the Boogie Beat Music & Movement services to children in their local area. Boogie Beat are offering you the chance to run your own business giving you flexible working hours that fit around your lifestyle and family.

About You

Boogie Beat are looking for energetic, confident, self- motivated and business minded people who want to run their own franchise business. You do not need to be qualified in dance or music as all training will be given.

This is a fantastic business opportunity for yourself or a partnership with a friend/colleague.

Financial Information

As a Boogie Beat Music & Movement franchisee, you will be provided with everything you will need to get your business off to a flying start, and maintain that business momentum after the initial launch. The franchise package will include:

  • Initial and ongoing training
  • All props including puppets, parachute, bean bags, scarves etc.
  • All instruments
  • A fully comprehensive manual containing all lesson plans with dance themes and business set up
  • Boogie Beat Music & Movement Music (Classical, Traditional, Contemporary)
  • Boogie Beat Music & Movement Illustrations
  • Trademark Licence/Established Brand and proven business strategy
  •  Website with your own contact page
  • Intranet package
  • Extra earning potential with Boogie Beat Music & Movement party package
  • Exclusive and substantial area for each franchisee
  • Simply put: everything you need to run your own business

Training and Support  

As well an initial training programme to get you up and running, you will also receive ongoing training to ensure that you are always up to date with changes in the business environment.

You will also receive support in the form of an intranet package which is a great communication link between franchisor and franchisee, with the facility to download files, business manuals, stationery, forms, marketing materials – basically everything you need for your business!

Continuous support will always be available from Boogie Beat Music & Movement founders Nicky and Lisa who will work closely with you to help you get up and running during the early stages of setting up your business and into the future! 

Case Study

Fran and Rachael (franchisees)

How does Boogie Beat fit around your family?
Boogie Beat fits in perfectly around the children, you can choose your own hours to work, so we can drop off children to school and pick them up at the end of the day. Another benefit is Boogie Beat can be term time only, so you don’t have to worry about child care in the school holidays, it is just ideal!”.

Are you finding Boogie Beat training and support beneficial?
Nicky and Lisa (founders of Boogie Beat) have been very supportive, you can e-mail at any time, with any questions you may have. The training is very useful, particularly when role play is used, as though we were in a class."

What do you feel you are getting from running a Boogie Beat Franchise?
By buying a Boogie Beat Franchise, you have the comfort of knowing that Boogie Beat is an established and successful business. You have your own independence and flexibility choosing which days and hours you work. We think its great!!"

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