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Kay White - Savvy & Influential Communication Expert

Communicate and Influence with Confidence, Style and Ease for Business Success



About you

Hello there - I'm Kay White12_listing.jpg and I'm so pleased you found your way here!

Let me ask you a few QUICK questions

- Are you a professional woman who wants to be more assertive?

- Do you know there must be an easier way to speak up, be seen and be heard?

- Is it a struggle for you make your point and ask for what you want?

Well, if you've said "Yes" to any of the above and know you want to represent yourself more powerfully, more assertively and persuasively, you are so in the right place!

To create and develop your own business or to progress with your career, you need to attract and keep people's attention. Then you need to know how to ask for what you want and get people into action for you.

Well that's what I can show you how to do.

About us

Known as the Savvy & In16_listing.jpgfluential Communication Expert I help experienced - and often very frustrated - women in business all around the world to show up and be seen, to sparkle and to really be heard day-to-day.

Enough of feeling like you're 'on mute' and being tuned out or left out - use my tools, tips and step-by-step strategies to join in and say what needs to be said so you're heard and understood.

Combining confidence-boosting mindsets with exact words and phrases to use (and to avoid), you'll discover how to:

- Quickly ask for and receive support when you want it - at work and at home

- Effortlessly get your point across so it's heard in meetings and interviews

- Ask for what you want and engage people into action- both in writing and face to face

- Jump into conversations and have your say - assertively and still respectfully

- Engage and build relationships and then comfortably follow up

- Use key words and phrases which - just like accessories - add sparkle and interest to your message!

Think of all the time, money and energy you'd save if you could get people's attention on what you want first time around. I'll show you how. No more hanging around wondering if people heard you and stop feeling like you're banging your head against a brick wall!

Oh and as a bonus - the things I've broken down and made easy to pick up, well, they work just as well at home with partners and those trickiest of customers, your children!

As Tony Robbins, the international motivational speaker and author says "The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives." Enough said!

10_listing.jpgTraining and Support

As a first, easy step for you, go and download your FREE gift eBook "Power Up; Speak Up and Be Heard" - already downloaded over 5,000 times around the world, it's packed with tips, savvy, sparkly words and phrases for you to use straight away (and some to avoid and why). You'll find it here at and then join in the conversations you want to using the exact words and tips to attract and keep attention on what you want. 

As a woman in business and a working Mum - it's time for you to show up and to be heard!

Case Study

13_listing.jpgI've taken Kay's clear, heartfelt advice and I pay attention to the exact words I use. Its already helping me grow my business.
Daniella Rubinovitz, Visual Dialogue Mentor, Holland,

I'm now am able to be more concise and direct, confident and kind and I know my clients appreciate that Kay has a great response for every kind of situation.
Peggy Murrah, Online Business Manager,

"I've found Kay's communication style to be savvy, insightful and modern. I speak about health around the world and Kay has been exceptionally helpful with enabling me to easily connect to people outside my familiar audience. She certainly has an easy, assertive way with words and wants you to have that too!"
Dr. Sarah Farrant, DC,

I get more of what I want first time around from my team now AND when I want it! Kay inspires me to use new ways of communicating and they really work.
Victoria, Senior Team Leader, UK Public Sector Org

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