Job Credits FAQs

Buying Job Credits is a quick and easy way to post multiple jobs on to while making big savings on the price of each job advert.

There are 2 types of job posting credits available:

Standard job credits
These will give you standard job postings on our site for 4 weeks.

Premium job credits
Premium job adverts will help your vacancy stand out from others with feature graphics and a higher visibility rate. These are also on the site for 4 weeks. 

How does it work?
Choose the job type you would like to buy then you can choose a package suitable for the quantity of job postings you may need.

Can I combine standard and premium credits?
Standard and premium job postings are of different value, so although you can purchase both types as job credits you can only redeem your credit against its own type - if you have bought premium job credits you are not able to redeem these on standard job postings and vice versa.

How long are my credits valid?
Job credits are valid for a year from date of purchase.

How do I redeem my job credits?
When posting a job advert you will be asked if you wish to redeem your credits or pay by credit card. If you have job credits, you should select the option to redeem your credits and your job will be posted in the normal way. PLEASE NOTE: Standard job credits should be used with standard job adverts and premium credits with premium job adverts respectively.

For any other queries relating to job credits please call our staff on 0208 432 6094.