Families on the brink

Almost seven million adults of working age are struggling financially, finding it difficult to feed themselves and their families despite working full-time, it has been reported.

Over two million children live in families who are struggling despite one or two of their parents being in low paid or middle income jobs, according to a survey by Experian for The Guardian newspaper.
The survey shows nearly seven million adults have severe financial problems and are finding it difficult to get by despite working full time. Almost 3.6 million have no or few savings to fall back on, making them very vulnerable to sudden unforeseen financial demands, such as a large fuel bill.
The research said those struggling included childless couples earning £12,000-£29,000 and couples with two children earning between £17,000 and £41,000.
The Government says universal credit, which will only come into effect for new claimants in late 2013, aims to make work pay and help families on lower incomes.

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