Five simple ways to use Pinterest to grow your business


Katie Rishi gives some advice on how to use Pinterest to grow your business.

Most of us have heard about Pinterest, many of us may have gone onto the site and signed up, perhaps you have even dabbled and pinned a few things. But how many of us in business are using the site to its full potential?

Here are a five easy ways in which you can improve your presence on Pinterest and attract new customers:

1. Spend the time:
Perhaps more so than other social media platforms, you need to spend a little bit of time on Pinterest. Once people are following you, they will help spread the word, repinning and commenting on your pins.

2. Keep it simple:
You don’t need to have lots of elaborate boards cluttering up your space. Try and have clean and themed boards, they are easier for people to follow and pull out their favourite things.

3. Connect your website, shop and Pinterest presence:
It is important that you think about how you can make links between your physical and virtual worlds. Add the Pinterest button to your website. Run special promotions on Pinterest encouraging people to visit your website, in fact you can include a link back to your site on your pins, (you click once to see the pin page, and again to
see the source site). You can run voucher campaigns on Pinterest that people can print and bring into the store for a discount.

4. Use what you do already: 

If you already post pictures, blogs and articles on other social media platforms, make sure you pin them too! You don’t need to double up your work taking on Pinterest, but you do need to be clever about using the things you already do.

5. Its about more than products:
You could be mistaken in thinking that the only way to promote your business using Pinterest is by pinning information about your products. But Pinterest is about more than that, it is an opportunity to show the people, ethos and thinking behind the brand. Think about your market and how you can use news, tidbits, tips, and products from other companies that complements your own. Pinterest users are turned off by boards that are too self-serving and only posts product photos.

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