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Creation Station Ltd

Love Kids, love Arts & Crafts? Want to run your own successful business? Discover more here…

Have you enjoyed a successful career but now  feel you want a new challenge? Are you now looking to focus your energy on something more rewarding and flexible for yourself? 

If you answered ‘Yes’, then this could be just the opportunity you have been looking for like  it is for  over 80 existing men and women. 

Many parents understand the benefit of the their children doing creative activities and along with the squeeze on creativity in schools, there has never been a better time to run your own rewarding art  and crafts creative business.

You are in control of your working week because you choose your hours and plan your holidays and your mix of class, parties, clubs and  events.

You will be joining a team of over 80 other men and women who are achieving the success they want and who have helped over 140,000 children and families since 2002.

The potential is huge, but if course, it’s not right for everyone. However, if you are ambitious and seriously want to run a success creative business, read on.

Your comprehensive franchise package provides everything you need to run your own successful Creation Station Franchise. The Creation Station recently gained the ‘Best Franchisee Marketing Support, which is a testament to their commitment to provide exceptional hand-holding and on-going support.  With full training, a comprehensive start-up kit and on-going support, this really could be the opportunity that you have been looking for like it is for over 80 other Creation Station Franchise owners.

Investment level

We understand that everyone is different so now you can choose the size of your exclusive area and also choose the range of services you offer  to suit your own needs and aspirations.

The size of the exclusive areas start with a micro  franchise, where you can provide award winning children's creative classes, parties and events. If you are ambitious you may look to have a larger exclusive area and run the Create Club services as well. It really is up to you,

Investment starts at £5,500 plus Vat for a micro franchise and this includes a £2,000 worth of tools and materials. We may be able to support you gaining a bank loan for approx. 70% of the investment level.

Do you have what it takes?

Creation Station Franchise Owners come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. From Corporate to Educational, from Commercial to Stay at Home parents. To help identify if you have what it takes to run your own successful Franchise ask yourself if these characteristics fit you:-

  I am ambitious, fit and healthy

-   I have determination and drive

-   I want the freedom to control my future.

 -  I want to be financially rewarded for my efforts.

If the answers to these questions are “YES” and you are able to fund the necessary investment then click here to request your free Information Pack or call Maggie on 01395 239700 or email her on 


Case Study

Carly Miller, who inspires imaginations in Bracknell, stated:
"Having worked full-time previously, I never dreamt I could be running such a successful business and having so much time with my 14 month old daughter. I made a return on my investment within the first eight months and the business continues to grow from strength to strength. I was a bit nervous when I started, as I didn't really know anything about franchising, but all the support and help from head office and the other franchisees is really great."

Faye Williams, who inspires imaginations in Cardiff, stated: "I love being able to work around my family and enjoy the flexibility of running my own Creation Station."

Jackie Farrow, who inspires imaginations in Guildford, stated: "It's taken off much quicker than I thought
it would. My daughter says I have the best job in the world - I tend to agree."

Lara Reynolds, who inspires imaginations in Basingstoke, stated: "I really wanted a career that worked around my son, but that was also financially rewarding. I love running my Creation Station - its perfect for me."

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