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AAA Spanish Amigos

Languages Franchise for Children

About Us

Spanish Amigos provides an exciting franchise opportunity to run your own business, offering Spanish and/or French Clubs for children up to 11 years and Spanish and/or French classes (music, movement and language) for babies and toddlers in your local area.

Yes! You can have it all. Your own business and be your own boss, to fit around your family commitments, lots of holidays, flexibility and a good income. And because Spanish Amigos provides the opportunity to work for yourself but not by yourself this may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Spanish Amigos was established in 2000. We offer a fresh innovative method that teaches Spanish in a fun and easy way with a unique multisensory and cultural approach.

Spanish is the most important international language after English (for business, travel and leisure). Demand for courses has increased 50% over the last ten years. Spanish Amigos offers you the opportunity to be part of this fast growing industry.

Your success will be our success. We are looking only for the right people to expand and be part of the Spanish Amigos family. Our role is to recruit new Franchisees to our network, train and help set up their new businesses, and provide ongoing advice and guidance to help ensure their success. We provide full support to our Franchisees.

The Business franchise opportunity

Here are just some of the advantages you can benefit from:

- Flexible working hours to fit around your own family life
- Huge market potential
- The concept has proven appeal
- Good earnings opportunity
- Satisfaction of helping pupils speak Spanish (French) and learn about the culture
- Structured progressive language program
- No language knowledge necessary (you can engage Spanish or French speakers)
- After school clubs are considered very important by parents for the development of their children
- Full support and training
- Advertising and promotional support
- Class programmes, activity sheets, flashcards, games, songs and equipment supplied
- Spanish is the most important international language (after English) with around 400 million native speakers
- Spanish is the official language of 21 countries
- Spain plays a major role as one of Britain’s most important trading partners and tourist destination
- You can offer attractive income for teachers
- Turnkey business concept

Why Spanish Amigos?

We are now offering one of the best franchise opportunities in the market.
Because we are offering you a full franchise which is a lifelong asset. Not only a License.
Because we charge a low fee and NO more annual payments, renewals, or extras for growing your franchise.
Because you will own a larger exclusive area which will increase your earnings and success.
Because you will have one of the lowest Management Service Fee in the market. Because you will have a career that grows at a rate that suits you.

As in any successful network, teamwork is critical! Rather than being a sole trader and isolated (the common complaint of most small businesses), you will be part of a growing team and have the backing and strength of our head office team. We can learn from each other and feel proud to be part of a ‘larger growing family’.

The Franchise Network – the Power to do Business! 

About You

Could you be what we are looking for?

Our requirements from you

We are looking for the right candidates to own the Spanish Amigos Franchise. Below are some of the criteria we will assess you by:

As an Individual
- Spanish and/or French Speaking (not necessary if you engage teachers)
- Ambitious
- Committed
- Enthusiastic
- Self Motivated
- Driven
- Leadership Qualities
- Hard Working
- Interpersonal Skills
- Smart Appearance
- Well Disciplined
- Able to Commit 100%
- Attention to Detail
- Determination to Succeed
- Organizational Ability
- “Can Do” Attitude
- Prepared to Listen to Advice & Guidance
- Ability to Manage Time and Prioritize

Could you be our next Franchisee? 

Financial Information

Spanish Amigos is a work from home franchise that can be run from home on a full or part-time basis as a sole trader or partnership operation with a low start up cost.

A turnkey package has been developed to get you quickly in to business. Below are the key elements we will provide:

Franchise License
- Territory Sole Rights
- Rights to use the Spanish Amigos Trade Mark
- Rights to use the Spanish Amigos Know-How, Operating Methods and Systems

Business Manuals
- Franchise Owner’s Manual
- Teacher Handbook

Training & Opening Support
- Programme 1 – Owning the Franchise
- Programme 2 – Seeing Teaching in Practice
- Programme 3 – Teacher Training
- Programme 4 – Pre and Post Opening Support

IT Solution
- Spanish Amigos Email Address and Intranet Access
- Business Form Templates

Marketing Materials
- Sales Presenter
- Spanish Amigos Website Presence
- Templates of letters for schools, parents, teachers, etc. all what you will ever need so you can only focus in running and growing your business
- Templates of flyers, leaflets, logos and all you will need with the advantage of being able to produce them yourself when you need them at a lower cost.

Teaching Equipment -
- Flashcards, Games, Games Manual (digital)
- Certificates of Competence
- CD and Booklet, Puppet and Stickers
- Certificate on completion of Training
- Comprehensive Teacher’s Handbook with detailed lesson plans, songs, programmes and hundreds of activity sheets for each subject, age and level.

Franchise Fee (for a limited period only)
Training and Support

We have structured a very comprehensive training programme covering every aspect of the business, designed to fast track you through all the operating procedures.

Training & Opening Support
- Programme 1 – Owning the Franchise
- Programme 2 – Seeing Teaching in Practice
- Programme 3 – Teacher Training
- Programme 4 – Pre and Post Opening Support

Case Study

Case Study


Mum to 2 daughters, 8 and 6

I wanted to have my own business but I wanted support and security, therefore I started looking into franchising.

I wanted a flexible franchise that would give me the chance to be there for my children and have a family life but also that will allow me to keep growing and be successful in my own right. I wanted to work from home and have all the school holidays.

Because Spanish Amigos ticks all the boxes it has worked for me even in recession times and I would certainly recommend it to anybody. If you are ambitious but still want family life and if you are ready to work hard and have your own successful business then Spanish Amigos is a very safe option for you.

Why did you choose Spanish Amigos over other bigger organizations?

Because it came clear from the beginning that it is an investment. After looking in detail at Spanish Amigos there were many things that made it a much better option in the short time but mostly in the long term. For me it was very important to have a proper franchise that is a lifelong investment rather than a license, where you pay yearly renewals and many extras for something that in the end you never own.

I own my franchise, my area exclusively and I could sell it on for a bigger return if I ever wanted to.

It was also very important for me to have a larger exclusive territory, ongoing support and the peace of mind of seeing that for Spanish Amigos it is more important to concentrate on the success of the individual franchisee and the quality of the franchise than in selling lots of franchises.

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