Creation Station wins franchisor of year award

The creator of the first children’s arts and crafts activity franchise has been awarded The Best Female Franchisor Award by Encouraging Women into Franchising.

Sarah Cressall established The Creation Station in 2002 to create a flexible family-focussed business opportunity for herself. Now 10 years on Sarah Cressall supports over 55 franchise owners.

Mum of three Sarah Cressall built up the business after recognising a gap in the market for children’s educational art and craft classes. Cressall established ‘The Creation Station’ in 2002.
She says: “I am really delighted to achieve such a prestigious national award. I set up my business to support other families and carers who wanted their child to benefit from shared positive, educational art and crafts experiences.  Plus I also wanted my business to work around my own family needs. Other mums were asking me if they could run their own Creation Station. With that in mind, I spent five years  developing the business systems, and worked with  the British Franchise Association so that it could be franchised, with everything in place to support franchise owners.”

Over 48,000 children and families having already experienced the Creation Station art and crafts classes and attended art birthday parties. The Creation Station, which recently exhibited at Workingmums LIVE,  is based on nurturing each child’s own imagination and celebrates each individual journey of exploration and development. 

If you are interested in becoming a Creation Station franchisee, click here.


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