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Try being a Photo Book Rep in your Area - It's Easy!


MyMemory.com Photo - The Home of Photo Books
Media New Media Creative, Retail, Sales
Working Pattern:
Full time
Date Posted:
Tuesday, 29th May 2012
Flexibility Offered:
Yes, Work from home, hours are fully flexible and suited to any situation
Job Ref:
MyMemory.com Photo - The Home of Photo Books - Try+being+a+Photo+Book+Rep+in+your+Area+-+It%27s+Easy%21

What’s in it for you?

As a Representative you will earn 50% commission on every first order from new customers you introduce to MyMemory.com and a further 10% commission on EVERY future order they place on MyMemory.com even if you never meet them again.

Join all the other MyMemory.com Photo Representatives who have discovered the great benefits of being in charge of their lives. By promoting the fantastic MyMemory.com photo products to others and offering them exclusive discounts you will be able to create a lifestyle you’ll love. We’ll even show you ways to get some great products for free and have unlimited earnings. www.mymemory.com

It’s simple

• You show friends, family and work colleagues MyMemory.com’s fantastic range of products.

• Offer them a unique discount code giving them a 50% discount on their first order.

• We track your unique code to ensure you receive commission on their first and all subsequent orders. You can even advertise the code on websites such as facebook and twitter. Anyone who uses the code will be attached to your account and you will earn commission on EVERY order they make!

Unlike traditional direct selling companies you don’t need to buy lots of stock, you don’t need to visit the customers every time they need to order and the internet is not a threat to your earnings, it’s the source of them.


Why MyMemory.com?

You will feel confident representing MyMemory.com knowing we are the fastest growing photobook site in the UK, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and we have customers in over 40 countries around the world. When you represent MyMemory.com you are part of a team that has not only created a great way to enjoy digital photos but is now setting a new bench mark in home selling.

Start Earning

Apply now online at MyMemory.com or use the application form overleaf, once enrolled you will get a voucher to let you invest either of two sample product ranges which inc photobooks, calendars, cards and more, all of which you create online at MyMemory.com.

The sample packs include an 80% discount at either £9.99 or £19.80 you chose the one you think will work best for you. With both options you will use your photos to create fantastic MyMemory.com products online.

These will not only be samples but be a great way for you to enjoy your photos while giving you firsthand experience of MyMemory.com. There is no better way to demonstrate the fantastic range of MyMemory.com products to potential customers than with your own beautiful samples.

You will also receive 250 of your own unique personalised business cards for your customers which entitles them to 50% off their first order and allows us to track your customers orders.


You may be working for yourself but you can still enjoy constant support and training with MyMemory.com. You’ll be the first to hear about new products and get to sample them first. You will receive a guide on how to sell and spread the word and there is the option to become a Sales Director where you can recruit your own sales representatives and earn further commission on their sales as well, really making the sky the limit on your earnings.

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