Tech Savvy Coordinator - Work from Home - Part Time

Tape Conversions Private Ltd
United Kingdom
£5 per tape
04 Feb 2019
07 Mar 2019
Part Time
Choose your own hours
Contract Type
Self Employed

We run a Business converting old VHS and camcorder tapes to a digital format. We are looking for Business Partners all over the UK. You will cater to your local market. We will provide all the training and will send you a steady stream of customers for Tape Conversions. This is a very easy job and we will guide you with the know how and details on how to operate.

The job is very flexible and you can work in your free time. The process involves converting the tapes the customers bring to you. The customers are mainly Family people or Businesses and in our experience always courteous, polite and easy to deal with.

The job does involve some investment where you buy the equipment from the open market based on our advice. We will also help you by paying half of the fee in the beginning while you get started. Investment is no more than £50 - £100 initially and then as you get more jobs and income you can invest back into the Business by buying more equipment from the open market.

Tape Conversions is also an Australian Business and has self employed Business Partners converting tapes in addition to working at their Full time jobs in Australia.  It’s an easy gig where some Partners earn $3000-$4000 AUD a month in addition to their pay from their respective full time jobs.

This job can be easily managed with all other things you have going on. Please note that you need to be reasonably tech savvy and above all trustworthy and reliable. The work involves setting the tapes to run which takes a couple of minutes to set-up and coming back to cut it when it finishes. That easy! Yes that simple! You will be paid £5 per tape. Customers on average bring 10-15 tapes and you will have multiple customers at a time.

We also have add on services like fun videos and more which you can earn 8% commission on revenue (which is around £200) if you are able to sell to the customer as you are customer facing. We can tell you all about this when you get in touch. 

Please provide your cv with location of residence and contact number and we will be in touch if we find you are suitable.

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