Supply Policy Analyst

19 Nov 2021
03 Dec 2021
Full Time
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Supply Policy Analyst


The colleague in this role will report to the Customer Account & Supply Management Manager, within the Commercial Customer and Contracts Team. They provide analytical support and advice to the Customer Account & Supply Management Manager and wider Commercial Operations teams for the monitoring and control of customer level supply within the UK market.


Effectively and appropriately monitors & controls UK Commercial sales volumes, in order to help to maintain the continuity of supply of Pfizer medicines to UK patients, in line with the overall UK Trade strategy and Legal policies. Liaises with internal Legal counsel and other stakeholders as required in order to deliver outcomes and ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

Produces National Demand forecasts or statistical expressions of individual customer's expected levels of demand - ensuring that they are set at fair, reasonable and objective levels to meet UK patient demand, taking account of a broad set of both internal and external market intelligence. Liaises with companies providing external national volume benchmarks (currently IQVIA) to help to ensure that their data is as accurate as possible, including participation in frequent process reviews.

Sets limits on customers' potential future ordering of Pfizer medicines ('quotas' and 'National Order Limits', for example), ensuring that these actions are fair, reasonable and objective - these limits have a direct impact on BU sales performance and customers. Produces work to a standard of execution and documentation which will meet the expectations of Legal, Regulators or other Authorities as needed. Works closely with the DTP Logistics Service Provider (LSP) to ensure that supply controls are accurately and effectively implemented in their ERP system.

Uses supply control processes to ensure that customers can only access the medicines they are approved to buy under the Customer Classification Policy.

Independently reviews and answers queries or complaints, which may be confused or ambiguous, from external stakeholders, customers and colleagues about processes and actions.

Uses strong IT and Numerical Analysis tools and techniques in order to undertake deep-dive product/channel supply assessments, process improvements and innovations.

Applies technical and functional subject knowledge to projects that will enable UK BUs to meet their goals. Works in an aligned manner with commercial colleagues but where conflicts of interest may arise, Supply Policy execution takes precedence.

Uses a variety of communication tools and styles to a high degree of competence in order to ensure that the actions taken by this function are transparently understood without bias or prejudice by both internal and external stakeholders.


Skills, Knowledge, QUALIFICATIONS, Experience

  • Education to A-Level standard essential, graduate calibre preferred.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry experience or relevant experience from other industries - Working knowledge of the pharmaceutical supply chain, including a comprehensive understanding of Pharmacy customers.
  • Commercial awareness of how Pfizer medicines are typically used, across all Business Units and Therapy Areas.
  • Strong Data Analysis, Data Visualisation and Numerical Analysis skills, including the ability to complete robust statistical analyses of large data sets.
  • Logical Reasoning skills to form appropriate conclusions and then take compliant actions that improve the effectiveness of the supply controls.
  • Strong IT skills, including the ability to use languages like VBA and R (essential), manage large data sources effectively, use of data warehouse, effective and efficient exchange of data between systems, appropriate summarisation/re-shaping/enrichment of datasets.
  • Creative Thinking ability to determine new ways to handle complex problems.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Strong attention to detail - role requires complete compliance with all relevant policies, regulations and internal guidance, including alignment with other teams across Pfizer UK as needed.
  • Ability to plan and continuously prioritise workload to support business needs.
  • Good interpersonal and networking skills across all levels of the business.
  • Ability to handle challenging conversations with customers in a compliant and professional manner.
  • Personal resilience and professional approach. Ability to work under high pressure.