Most working mums rarely or never socialise at work

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The majority of working mums never or rarely socialise with their work colleagues, according to a survey for

The survey of 195 working mums found only eight per cent said they regularly socialise with colleagues.

That compares to 31 per cent who never socialise with their workmates and 33% who do so rarely. Twenty eight per cent said they don’t socialise at work as much as they did before they had children.

One woman responded: “Why would you socialise with people from work? I’m on my best behaviour at work and would spontaneously combust if I had to keep it up during the evening too.”

Another said she found socialising with colleagues “a real bore”. “It’s generally about me me me me me and more me…….. yawn yawn yawn…….”

But another said she rarely got asked to go out with colleagues. “It’s assumed that as a single mother I wouldn’t be able to come anyway,” she said.  And one woman socialised regularly with women she met at work, but none of them had gone back after having children.

In her recent autobiography, high profile businesswoman Karren Brady said her social life had suffered as a result of being a working mum. “The reality is that if you want a family and a career, something has to give. For me, that thing is my social life – I don’t go out.”

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