Most working mums think top women can´t take a year off


The majority of working mums believe women cannot take a year off on maternity leave and still get to the top of the corporate ladder, according to a poll.

The poll of more than 180 working mums found 53% said women could not take a year off and still climb to the top of the career ladder with 47% saying they could.
It follows Marissa Mayer Yahoo´s new boss´s declaration that she will take virtually no maternity leave. Many women who voted no said that this should not be the case, but was unfortunately still true.
One said: “Sad but true that attitudes towards women change in the workplace from the day she is pregnant, let alone afterwards. It is mostly men at the top of those ladders and they are indeed very fat cats. It costs more to re-train staff. It is fact that women work harder then men and are more intelligent, but as soon as they have children it doesn’t matter to them any more.”
Another said: “Unbelievable in this day and age that when you have a child, most employers then overlook you for any promotions. It makes me sick. No wonder more and more women are looking to work from home. At least that way, they can have a rewarding career whilst being there for their family. If only more employers thought this way.” Another mum commented that it may depend on the kind of job the woman does.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I took a career break after my second child and have worked part-time since she turned 2. I am ready now to work full-time with flexible hours, but I am unable find anything suitable. The company I work with currently has also declined my request for longer flexi hours. I had a great career till I took the break. Now let alone moving to the top getting a suitable start itself is seeming to be a problem!

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