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CBI appoints its first female Director-General


Carolyn Fairbairn is to become the first female Director-General of the CBI. The CBI announced the appointment this morning. Fairbairn is former Director of Strategy at both the BBC and ITV and currently holds a number of non-executive positions. These include with global outsourcer Capita, small cap manufacturer Vitec, Lloyds Banking Group, the Competition and […]

Reputation big factor for would-be employees

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More than half of UK workers would entirely rule out taking job with a company if its reputation was poor, no matter what the potential pay rise, according to research by LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Winning Talent research, a study into the factors influencing people’s choices about where they want to work, found that the top factors […]

The challenges facing working mums


It was recently reported that a European Council paper stated that Britain has too many stay-at-home mothers. Understandably, this caused much uproar and many of Britain’s MPs jumped immediately to the defence of stay-at-home mums. What they could have done instead was focused more on the state of play in the workplace for women who […]

Superheroes and heroines


Sometimes in life there are small disappointments and sometimes large ones. The other day I found out that the Marvel comic character who only son refers to as Hot Guy is actually called Hawkeye. I have not shared this news with only son yet. He has Hot Guy down as some amazing figure with heat-raising […]

Employers ‘sleepwalking’ into future skills shortage

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The UK could face serious skills shortages over the next 20 years if employers don’t change their approach to workforce planning, including implementing more flexible ways of working, and do more to retain older workers, according to a new report. New research from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, the professional body for HR […]

Scottish report calls for ‘real vision’ on childcare


Too many parents in Scotland cannot access or afford childcare than meets their needs so a radical new approach is needed, according to a report published today. The Commission for Childcare Reform report welcomed government initiatives on childcare funding, but said there was a need for real vision and for government to “stop dealing with […]

Summer childcare dilemma

summer holidays

The majority of working mums don’t have summer childcare sorted yet, according to a poll. The poll shows 57% of mums have not got summer childcare sorted, compared to 21% who have and 22% who don’t need summer childcare. One woman said: “I work too many hours to get help with childcare costs, have […]

Over a fifth of start-ups are second jobs


Some 21% of start-ups launched in the last year were started as a second job, according to a survey by call answering service alldayPA. The survey of 500 small businesses found the most common double job entrepreneurs are men between 25 and 34 years old. The typical sectors where people launch businesses are digital services, […]

Sleepover invitation


I have been invited to a sleepover. It’s on Saturday with daughter three. It arrived in the form of a card with an attached cut-off invitation. The card was addressed to “the best mum in the universe, world, infinity, space”. Inside were some golden tickets. 1. Massage [looks tempting, but could end up with me […]

GMB voices concerns on Europe if employment rights are changed

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The GMB union has called on EU states not to agree any demands for changes in working time and agency worker laws as part of the UK’s attempts to renegotiate its relationship with Europe later this week. The union said if workers’ rights were undermined by changes to EU employment rights there was “a serious […]

European Council calls for action on childcare


Britain needs to do more to improve the availability of affordable, high quality, full-time childcare to help women back into work, according to a European Council report. The report focuses on “macroeconomic imbalances which require policy action and monitoring”. It addresses issues such as mortgage debt, but it contains a section on employment challenges. It […]

Split families: a future trend?

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Families where mums or dads are away on assignment abroad for weeks are a growing trend in multinational companies, according to Crown World Mobility’s Consulting Services. They are predicing an increase in split-family assignments in 2015. “It’s a significant trend and one that we’ve monitored closely,” said Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader at the consultancy. […]

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