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Number of childcare places falls


The number of available childcare places has dropped since March, according to statistics released by Ofsted. Its report finds that since 31 March 2015, the number of childminders has decreased by 1,449 (3%), which is part of a continuing trend that has seen numbers decrease for the last three years. The number of providers of […]

Survey finds almost total support for benefits of remote working

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Remote working is increasing in popularity, with 98 percent stating that it is advantageous to their organisation and nearly two thirds predicting it will soon become the norm in most organisations, according to new research. The study commissioned of 500 IT decision makers in the UK and Germany by global data storage and information security […]

The best songs ever


“If you like taking secret midnight rendezvoussss,” trills only son from the back of the car. He has gone One Direction crazy. I blame daughter one who, although she is now into much cooler things, retains a certain nostalgic interest in 1D, though not, sadly, Liam. Apologies to Liam. Only son is a bit of […]

Gender gap closes, but pay gap has stalled, says World Economic Forum report

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The gap between men and women in health, education and political representation has closed by 4% in the past 10 years, but the gender pay gap has stalled meaning it could take 118 more years to close it, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2015. The report shows that wage equality and […]

Returning to work in technology

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everywoman and techUK have recently joined forces to develop a free of charge Back to Work Programme for women returning to work in technology. Many businesses with a technology department, and certainly every technology business, are desperate to get more women working for them, but the prospect of returning to work in a technology business can seem daunting. There […]

Gender pay gap for full timers falls, but not by much, says ONS


The gender pay gap for full-time employees has fallen to its lowest level, but has changed very little in the last four years, according to a survey by the Office for National Statistics. It measures the gender pay gap based on hourly pay and says it has decreased to 9.4%, from 9.6% in 2014, the lowest […]

Generation gap

Granny on the frontline

‘Pensioners prosper, the young suffer’ shouted a headline in the paper recently. In the article the writer said that pensioners ‘are in a state of denial about what is happening across the generations’. What planet are they on? Us pensioners don’t exist in a parallel world separated from everyone else. We have younger friends and […]

Many low-income working families struggling to afford heating

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Almost two-thirds of low income parents are struggling to afford their energy costs, despite being in work, according to a survey for the charity Turn2us. It says this compares to 42% of working households without children. Of those families who are struggling, over two-fifths  have done so for more than a year, according to the survey […]

£100 drop in income a month would lead to serious financial difficulties, says report

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One in three people would have to stop paying essential bills, borrow from family or would fall into debt to deal with a £100 drop in their monthly income, according to new figures from Citizens Advice. The ‘financial security’ study shows that a monthly loss of £100 is enough to undermine the stability of household […]

Attendance issues


Secondary school, huh? Gotta love them. Although the government goes on about granting academy status and giving schools more independence, it seems to maintain a tight control over things like attendance rates. Daughter one suffers from migraines. Really bad ones. It started in primary school where she complained of stomach pains almost every day. She […]

Over half of births to women over 30

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For the first time, more babies were born to women over 35 in England and Wales than to women under 25, according to figures released by the  Office for National Statistics. Twenty-one per cent of babies were born to mums over 35 and 20% to mums under 25. The figures also show that over half […]

Workplace bullying on the rise

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Workplace bullying is growing in Britain and is more common among certain groups, including women in traditionally male-dominated occupations, according to a new report from Acas. The Acas report, Seeking better solutions: tackling bullying and ill-treatment in Britain’s workplace, looked at the latest research on workplace bullying as well as calls to the Acas helpline […]

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