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Employers still keeping tight rein on pay despite economic recovery


Despite improved economic conditions, organisations still aren’t paying employees at the top market rate, according to new research published by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. The CIPD’s annual Reward Management Survey found that even though the UK’s economy grew by 2.6% in 2014, faster than in any year since 2007, the number of […]

Families on minimum wage earn only 70% of what they need to live on

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Couples with two children need to earn at least £20,000 each to achieve a socially acceptable living standard, but those on the National Minimum Wage are only earning 70% of what the public says they need, according to research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. It calculates annually what the cost of the Mininum Income Standard […]

Women ‘hardest hit by welfare reforms’

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Women are being hardest hit by changes to the welfare system, according to a report from the Scottish Welfare Reform Committee. It says there existing inequality for women has been “aggravated” by the recent reforms to the social security system. This includes issues around childcare, occupational segregation in ‘pink collar’ jobs, the gender pay gap, […]

Employers overlooking voluntary work, says report


Employers are missing out on candidates with valuable skills by failing to recognise volunteering and social action experience during the recruitment process, according to a new joint publication from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development and the #iwill campaign. The report, ‘Unlock new talent: How can you integrate social action in recruitment?’, was published […]

“Muuum, I can’t sleep”


Last week or so we were all complaining about the cold. Now it’s the heat. The sweltering heat that is keeping small people up all night. Oh yes, you wait all year for summer and then you can’t wait till it’s over. Small people are not sleeping and are getting slightly fractious. They are lying […]

Agile working linked to increased productivity

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Organisations will fail to boost their productivity unless they prioritise greater investment in workforce development and agile working practices, according to new research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Its new report, Productivity: Getting the Best out of People, explores the factors that help to explain why some businesses have higher productivity than […]

Meetings often not effective, say managers


Senior staff estimate just a third of the time they spend in business meetings helps them do their jobs better and that less than half the time helps their organisation, according to new research. A survey of over 650 senior managers across the country by executive leadership coaches That People Thing found that on average […]

Women tell their stories


The media is full of negative stories about the issues facing women, but a new website plans to give women from around the globe the space to tell their own stories and inspire others to overcome those challenges. We Are Sister Stories launches today and is the brainchild of two international postgraduate students at the […]

Government delays roll-out of childcare tax rebate till 2017


The Government has announced that the roll-out of its childcare tax rebate will be delayed until early 2017. The scheme through which employees can claim back up to 20% of childcare costs up to a limit of £2,000 a year was expected to be rolled out from the end of this year, but the Government […]

Workplace getting more stressful, says report

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Some 80 per cent of senior executives say the workplace is a more stressful place than five years ago, with three quarters blaming mobile technology for creating a more stressful environment, according to new research. A survey by Russam GMS found 60 per cent of respondents said their employers expect them to answer emails outside […]

The mysterious allure of the office


I often wonder what my kids make of my work. Because I do it mainly at home, it doesn’t have the air of mystery that, say, my partner’s has. Sometimes we go to his office in the holidays to have lunch because his office is right next to a massive Tesco, which is very handy […]

Only 3% of new biotech CEOs are women

Human resources and gender equality

Women make up just 3% pof new CEO appointments in biotechnology and their companies get only 5.4% of venture capital invested in biotechnology companies, according to new research. The research by Liftstream Ltd, a company providing executive recruitment services to the biotechnology sector, found biotechnology companies with all-male boards garner 57% of all venture capital […]

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