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Struggles with the school uniform

422px-Uddingston_Grammar_School_Ties (1)

It’s that bit of the summer holidays where children are vaguely aware that it is all going to come to an end some time soon, but refuse point blank to get back to any sort of normal routine. It’s also the time when you suddenly remember the fact that all their school shirts are stained […]

Stress levels high for women in male-dominated environments

stressed working mum

Women who work in very male-dominated environments face higher stress levels, according to a US study. The research by Indiana University Bloomington researchers Bianca Manago, a doctoral student in sociology, and Cate Taylor, an assistant professor of sociology and gender studies, builds on previous research which has shown that women working in male-dominated occupations face […]

Quality and conditions of jobs impact new mothers’ decision to return to work


Type of job and work conditions are key to women returning to work after maternity leave, according to a German research study. The study, by Melanie Arntz, Stephan Dlugosz and Ralf Wilke from the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), to be presented at the annual congress of the European Economic Association in Mannheim […]

Work life balance the main reason for people leaving jobs


The top reason people leave their jobs is to seek out opportunities with a better work life balance, according to new research. A survey of HR directors with access to exit interviews shows nearly a third identified a better world life balance as being behind employees’ decisions to leave their jobs. The survey by recruitment […]

The full set


‘Gran, gran, we’re going south,’ said grandson as we were driving along. He’d got a huge new plastic compass strapped to his wrist, (‘free’ on the front of a Disney magazine, he said). ‘And it’s got an E for Epping,’ he added. Well, great, I was thinking, we were heading for Epping Tesco’s and it’s […]

58% of women ‘will change their career plans to have children’


Fifty-eight per cent of working women who are planning to have children say they would alter their career to have a child, according to new research. The survey of over 1,000 women, led by YouGov, found the main reason given for altering their career was the need for more flexible working conditions – 74% said […]

Over a third regularly check work email outside working hours, says survey

Mobile Phone Texting

Fifteen per cent of workers sometimes check emails in the toilet and 38 per cent say they often check work email outside office hours, according to a survey from mental health charity Mind. The YouGov poll of 1,095 English and Welsh workers also showed that only half of respondents said that their manager respects that […]

Government calls for first providers of extra free childcare hours to come forward


The Government is asking for childcare providers and councils to come forward with innovative and flexible ideas of how they would deliver its plan for 30 hours of free childcare to three and four year olds from next September. It is also using Facebook to ask parents across the country how the extra hours will […]

Unconscious bias ‘skews interview process’


Recruitment processes are often heavily skewed by a number of unconscious biases on the part of those hiring, according to a new report from the Chartered Institute of Professional Development. The report, A Head for Hiring: The Behavioural Science of Recruitment, shows that employers’ initial perceptions of whether a person will be a good fit […]

Inside out


Going to the cinema sounds like a relaxing plan for a rainy Monday late afternoon when you are trying to balance work and having fun with the kids and turning your schedule inside out. That means lunch breaks can come at any time between, say, three and six in the afternoon and the working day […]

Women managers working two hours a day for free


Women managers are effectively working for free nearly two hours every day, according to new gender pay gap data. The findings of an annual survey of 72,000 UK managers published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and salary specialist XpertHR reveal that women working in equivalent full-time roles earn 22% less than men, meaning that […]

What to tell an employer when you are pregnant

Crystal Bolton, one of’s legal experts has created a short video to inform female employees what they should do once they find out they are pregnant. She says that employees should inform their employer of their pregnancy as soon as possible in writing, notifying them of the date the baby is due as well […]

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