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The school run will never be the same again


On the school run a few months ago we noticed a couple of pheasants who seemed to lie in wait for our car. As soon as we drove through the country lanes which are their home the bigger pheasant, let’s call him Foremost Pheasant, would start running into the road. I nearly didn’t stop in […]

The sins of the grandma


I’ve been wondering – is reviewing the past something that older folk, such as grandparents like me, tend to do sometimes? The thing is that I’ve found that along with the good memories, it can turn up stuff that I go and blooming well torment myself with and here’s a case in point. They’d eaten […]

Staring at the screen all day

tablet technology

It’s an interesting exercise getting your kids to say what they think about their parents and their work. I am testing how to make an imovie for work so I thought I’d experiment on the kids, given that they are more likely to know how to do it than I am. They set up a […]

Parenting: the teenage years and it’s still about staying awake


My partner has been ill for the last 10 days. Essentially he’s had a cold, but with a bad cough. He initially thought it was something terminal, but the fact that daughter three had had a really bad cold meant that a cold was a slightly more plausible possibility. He has been looking very sorry […]

After school clubs with multiple kids


I would like to say I am a big fan of after school clubs. But where we live they are all for different ages and stages which means they are actually more of a hassle than a help on the work front. Daughter three does two currently – netball and SATs. Only son, who is […]

GCSE projects


I feel like doing GCSEs would be almost easier than living them second hand through daughter one. We’re only half way through the year and I’m not sure I can make it to the end. The main problem is art. It seems to throw up an unending number of projects which have far-off deadlines. This […]

I have become a Hannah Montana convert

It’s back to school this week and, even though I really, really planned to have things running smoothly on the first day back, I lost my rag after hippy daughter left it till the very last minute to eat her breakfast and then wanted a French plait. I felt guilty all day as she then […]

In favour of career breaks

baby and mother

I’m not sure I’m going to cope well with the kids growing up. Daughter one is already thinking about life after school, if a little unrealistically. “I’m thinking of going to university outside the UK. What about NYU?” she said the other day. “You’ll have to get a scholarship,” I replied, “and a very well […]

Sickness week

Sick Children

It’s been one of those sickness weeks when half the team are down. I went into an office the other day and everyone looked very gloomy and quite a few were sniffling. I was feeling fairly smug, I have to admit. At least working from home I don’t go down with all the work bugs, […]

Is flexible working the main cause of the gender pay gap?

GBP, Money, Cash, Wages

The Freakonomics website has just published an interview with Claudia Goldin, Professor of Economics at Harvard University. She sets out a strategy to resolve the pay gap. The key to the pay gap, in Claudia Goldin’s view, is the “amenity cost” of working to one’s own timetable, rather than being at the beck and call […]

Teddy and the random pourer


I don’t see or speak to grandson every day, but when I do he’s usually on one or other of two speed settings. If you turn to Papa Louie: When Sundae’s Attack as a guide, as you no doubt do, you’ll find Zone X ‘is the final final level, gran’ and therefore the fastest and […]

Making an imovie

tablet technology

I am the first to admit that technology is not my forte. I still prefer shorthand to taping conversations and I have ongoing “technical issues” with my mobile phone and laptop that cause me to call them all sorts of unpleasant names which they probably don’t deserve – and are recording for later use against […]

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