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Windows 10 meltdown


The other day only son downloaded Windows 10 onto my laptop by mistake. Big mistake. Everything is in apps and nothing is where I would expect it to be. I am not a fan of the app, mainly because I associate it with the cat thing only son downloaded that keeps miaowing at me to […]

Spooky Spoon strikes again


Only son is six next week. He’s been thinking hard about what he wants to do for his birthday. He has decided that he wants an arts and crafts party. A very specific arts and crafts party because it has to feature t-shirt design, specifically t-shirt design for Just Dance 2014. The aim is to […]

Intergenerational techno-warfare


I made the mistake of going into daughter two’s room the other day. She had her phone in her hand and ‘flash’ she took a photo of me probably not looking my best, whatever best is these days. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Delete that photo immediately.” She swore blind that it was no […]

Making a difference


Sometimes it can be hard to teach children the difference between right and wrong. They learn from what they see around them, from what we do rather than what we say. Despite an education system which seems designed to make them feel bad about themselves, individual teachers can and do care about their overall wellbeing […]

In search of pumpkin puree


‘I need something really important for my birthday party, gran,’ said granddaughter 3 (almost eleven) on the phone. She’d been a bit deflated after the first year 6 Sats test and her mum had suggested she focus on her birthday that Friday. She continued: ‘I really need a tin of pumpkin puree for my sleepover […]

Breaking the stranglehold of the 9-5

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“Do we really have to go to school today? I think it might be better if we stayed at home,” announced only son on Monday morning. To be fair, he’d had a long weekend of sleepovers and the like which meant we were still doing homework at around 8.15am. “I’m afraid it is Monday and […]

Birthdays, mud and sleepovers

tired all the time

It’s been a life overload weekend. Daughter one had prom, though it proved not to be quite as glamorous as the word might suggest to those brought up on Disney channel. Daughter three had her birthday. Daughter two had a delayed birthday treat – a race through mud. And only son had a sleepover party […]

Switching off

Mobile phone

It’s the end of a long week full of exams for some and late night work marathons for others. Daughter three is finished her SATs and has gone straight into Bake-off overdrive in anticipation of her birthday weekend. She is making cookies for her entire class, a cake for her family tonight and a rainbow […]

Study leave

School and education

This is my last week of solo working from home for a while. Apart from the cat, I have just had the dripping tap for company up to now. Next week daughter one begins study leave. The GCSEs are already under way and we are bidding a sad farewell to the GCSE art syllabus as […]

Employers, are you looking for creative and adaptable workers? Look no further.


Apparently in the 21st century workers will have to be mega adaptable to change and creative. Whether the current education system, with its focus on targets and its overarching culture of fear of failure, is likely to prepare people for this is a moot point in this week that Year Six SATs and GCSEs begin. […]

Don’t you know that I have my GCSEs on Monday, mum?


2D junk food landscape is complete. Almost. With the clock ticking and GCSEs due to start next Monday daughter one has taken her art coursework to the wire. It’s been tense. Other members of the family have been painting 2D junk food landscapes in sympathy. Her laptop battery charger failed just as she was trying […]

SATs and the tyranny of testing

Granny on the frontline

I have to say that as I get older I’m finding that reading the paper or watching the news either makes me feel full of impotent rage or scared to go out of the house or hopping mad and motivated to react. Well, an article in the newspaper last Sunday entitled ‘Time children learned a […]

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