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16 hours in a car with four kids…


We’re off on holiday. Sixteen hours in a car with four kids and 16 hours with no wi-fi and no possibility of receiving email. Hooray. It could in fact be longer than 16 hours given the problems in Dover and Calais and news that the French farmers are blockading the borders. It feels more like […]

Raising girls


When I was a little girl, my imagination would look forward to the future, to being a mum, having a family, everything being perfect. The sun would be shining, my family would be full of smiles and giggles and we would all skip through fields holding hands as if from a scene from Little House […]

From discrimination to a more equal playing field


The last week has seen a mixed bag of news. On the one hand, Laura Kuenssberg became the first female politics editor of BBC News in a field of candidates which, if reports are to be believed, was dominated by women. Rachel Treweek was also consecrated as Bishop of Gloucester, becoming the Church of England’s […]

Living the holiday schedule


The great switchover has happened. Gone are those term-time days of daytime working. In their place, the holiday schedule, which tends to involve early mornings and late nights. Fortunately, daughter one is old enough to babysit. The only problem is she sleeps until 1pm. Fortunately, my mum is nearby. One way or another things get […]

How to keep the kids entertained over the holidays


Whilst the summer holidays are undoubtedly the best time of the year for children granted six whole weeks of freedom from homework, teachers and early mornings; for parents they can be the most stressful and busiest time of the year. If you’re a working parent it can be difficult finding adequate and cost-effective childcare and […]

Changes to persistent absence threshold and PREVENT strategy


It’s the last day of term and I have been waking the kids up since Tuesday singing “Hold on for one more day” with full dance routine. Daughter one just turned over. Daughter two was ready to join in. Daughter one has been campaigning hard for not bothering with the last day of term at […]

How to avoid burn out


This past week I hit a wall. Exhausted from travelling, speaking, and book events, I couldn’t put a pen to paper. The thought of opening my computer and trying to write something that others would find interesting or valuable was beyond my capacity. What happened? My petrol gauge was on the borderline of empty and […]

Getting to the holidays


We have made it to the last week of term and people are slightly wrung out. Daughter one has become monosyllabic through sheer exhaustion. Since half term she has had two weeks of work experience then one continuous stream of exams and she hasn’t finished yet. She is also very aware that the summer holidays […]



At 11am last Wednesday I was, of course, waiting to see what George Osborne would outline in his Budget, but I was also waiting for something else. My stepbrother who I haven’t seen for 30 years. It was a bit of an emotional reunion, although in typical British fashion, neither of us actually showed any […]


Mobile Phone Texting

OMG, my mobile’s started sending me messages off its own bat about road works, traffic and the like. Is it becoming a sentient being like some of those spooky Synths in ‘Humans’ on the tele on Sunday nights? Help! As one of the humans in the series said: ‘I’m an analog man in a digital […]

Freefall into the end of term


With a week to go before the summer holidays it’s like we’re in freefall. Everyone is knackered. Daughter one still has exams until the beginning of next week. Daughter three is in a musical all week. Only son just cries when I wake him up. “Isn’t it Saturday yet?” he asked on Monday. People at […]

Zoella body lotion


Why do I always seem to be in debt to my children? We were in Superdrug the other day and daughter three wanted to buy a Zoella body lotion. Daughter three is a bit of a Zoella fan. Pictures of the Youtube phenomenon adorn her walls and she speed read her book a few months […]

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