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Working abroad: some tips

Passenger Airliner overhead with stormy sky

Every year thousands of people decide to leave the UK to work abroad, joining the 232 million international migrants living in the world today. Some leave work behind to move with a partner who had a posting or job abroad, hoping to find an opportunity to use their skills too. Though potentially exciting, it’s a […]

Summer activities with children


Looking for things to do with the kids this summer? In the UK you have to have a range of options that cover all weather eventualities, as the past weekend showed. It’s all too easy to rely on tv and computer games, but a website called Unbored, net provides creative ideas for everything your children […]

Why now is the best time to do your accounts


The summer months are upon us, which means you may be more inclined to think about whether you can take a break in the sun rather than getting your annual tax return sorted. But while the deadline for online Self Assessment filing is still six months away, the summer might actually represent a perfect time […]

A career in the prison service


What is your image of the prison service? According to Carol Carpenter, HR director of The National Offender Management Service, there are a lot of outdated stereotypes around. “We are always trying to fight against the media perception of the prison service. Our workforce do an amazing job on behalf of society with little or […]

Education needed on the benefits of mediation


More needs to be done to educate employers and employees about the benefits of mediation to solve workplace conflict, says leading business and employment law firm The Legal Partners. “Employers and employees need to know they can ask for Mediation if there is a dispute,” says Shân Veillard–Thomas, Mediator Partner at the firm. She currently […]

Equal at home and at work


There are a lot of organisations for mums and a growing raft of groups for dads, but a new forum aims to bring mums and dads together for the first time in an effort to promote shared parenting. WorkCareShare has been set up by mum and dad campaigners to promote equal opportunities for women and […]

Working dynamically

web world

Barclays has just rolled out a dynamic working campaign globally in a bid to embed a new future-proof work culture. The campaign was launched in the UK in November, but the response was so positive that Barclays decided to roll it out globally from June. “It was always our intention to go global,” says Wendy […]

The struggle for summer childcare


The other day a mum of two wrote to She works for a local authority and used to be able to work from home for some of the holidays and when her children were sick. Now her department has banned working from home on a regular basis or for whole days. Her children are […]

Tax credit changes: the impact on working mums

business chart showing financial success at the stock market

A large number of working mums will be affected by the cut in tax credits, according to a poll. Some 62% of mums said they would be affected by the cuts announced in the Budget. A quarter of the 71 mums questioned said they would not be affected and 13% weren’t sure. One said: […]

Technology and the working parent

Mobile Phone Texting

Has technology been the saviour of the modern working parent or a drain on time? An event in London yesterday explored the evolving role of technology in our lives. Organised by websites wanna and KiddyUP, the Work-Family Balance through Technology panel included Comic Relief chief writer Mark Woods, author of Planet Parent: The World’s Best […]

Putting family first


With the introduction of Shared Parental Leave, HR teams have begun to focus more on dads. One company which has gone one step further than the current SPL legislation is the B2B marketplace Approved Index. Not only does it enhance SPL, but as part of its unique maternity/paternity scheme, Family First, it invites parents to […]

Climbing the career ladder at Avon


Fiona Wilkinson started selling Avon 13 weeks after her son was born. When he was six months old she developed post-natal depression. She says working for Avon helped her through the depression and has since provided her with a good income as a sales leader with a team of 75 reps. Fiona worked for 17 […]

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