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Mums look to retrain to find more meaningful jobs

Retraining for a new career

Over a third of working mums have retrained after having children and many more are considering it, with the top reason given that their values have changed and they want a more meaningful job, according to a survey. The survey of nearly 2,000 mums found education and health were the main sectors women were […]

The postgraduate path to a new career


Sarah Stevens was working as a senior sister on a busy hospital ward and looking to progress her career. But she needed something that was flexible and could fit around her family commitments. She knew she wanted to do an MSc in some aspect of healthcare, but wanted it to be generic instead of specialising […]

Mums divided on sharing parental leave

Family, shared parental leave, working families

Mums are divided on whether they would share their maternity leave with their partner, according to a poll. The poll showed 43% said they would share it, compared to 48% who said they wouldn’t. The remaining nine per cent were unsure. Of those who would, one woman said: “Why wouldn’t I? We both made […]

Creating dementia carer-friendly workplaces


Dementia is a growing issue and one which many families will experience. With people retiring later and more women – traditionally the carers – now in work, its impact on the workplace has not yet been fully realised. Nevertheless, in the US it has been highlighted as one of the leading causes of women dropping […]

Why tech needs to grow up

Working in the office

Ball pits, sleeping pods, giant indoor slides have fast become the norm in the male-dominated tech sector, but when it comes down to it how appealing are these things to the average job seeker? If you are called to work long hours and forfeit your home life in order to keep your job, chances are […]

How to be a 10% entrepreneur


Back in 2008 Patrick McGinnnis was vice president of an emerging-markets investment fund in the US which happened to sit within a division of the insurance firm AIG. AIG had a trillion-dollar balance sheet and the division Patrick sat in had nothing to do with the risky investments that brought the company down. He thought […]

The interview: Paola Diana


Italian-born businesswoman Paola Diana is a multiple entrepreneur. Not only has she founded Sigillus, a lifestyle management company, and Nanny & Butler, a bespoke childcare and household services agency, but she recently launched A.M.O.R.E, a tailor-made matchmaking dating service. In addition to her businesses, she campaigns for women’s equality and for women in business. […]

Urgent action needed following discrimination report


Almost half a century after the introduction of the Equal Pay Act, on average, men still earn more than women. Contributing to this disparity, a “shocking” recent study has found that one in five pregnant women and new mothers face discrimination at work. The report, which was commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission […]

Top 10 tips for homeworking


In the last 10 years since was founded, there has been a huge movement towards home or remote working. Lots of people are working remotely these days, if not full time, then at least part time, which gives you the best of both worlds. Of course, there are many jobs you can’t do remotely, […]

A legal tale


Dawn Dixon’s book, What the PA knew: An intriguing legal tale, tells the story of Diane, a black lawyer, through the eyes of her PA Fionnula. It’s a fictionalised version of the author’s life, highlighting the trials and tribulations she faced, including the forced closure of her own firm due to fraud committed by her […]

Getting to the top in law


How do you get more women to the top of law firms? In a sector known for its long hours and where men dominate at senior level, one firm that has seen a big increase in the number of senior female partners in the last few years is Norton Rose Fulbright. In 2009 women made […]

Flexible working increases productivity, so why aren’t we all doing it?

Home Office-3

I’m currently listening to the audio book of Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week. I have a rather long commute, so I am making short work of it. The book, which I have skim-read before (as Ferriss instructs you should do) is certainly interesting, but question springs to mind; do I really need this advice? […]

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