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Expenses 101

business chart showing financial success at the stock market

Being self-employed doesn’t always come cheap. The costs quickly mount up, whether buying stationery or investing in new equipment. However, the good news is that most business expenditure can be reclaimed as a business expense – meaning that it won’t count towards your total when it comes to declaring your taxable profits. As with all […]

A flexible life

Leigh Smyth

Flexible working is an essential component of Leigh Smyth’s life. It has been vital in her climb up the career ladder to her current post of Head of Group Digital Inclusion at Lloyds Banking Group and has allowed her to adapt to the different ages and stages of her children. Leigh says the Group, who […]

The future of social working today?

iphone (1)

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service [Cafcass] has made a huge turnaround in the last three to four years, harnessing the power of technology and culture change to increase its efficiency, boost satisfaction rates for its service users and 1,800 staff and innovate. Daryl Maitland, Senior HR Manager, says: “By our own […]

A caring employer

Mobile working

Kevin Smith knows how important it is to have a supportive employer. He is Resourcing Project Manager at Vodafone, having recently moved from another role in the company where he had been involved in implementing and communicating Vodafone’s new global maternity policy in the UK. This included the introduction of Shared Parental Leave. The policy […]

Making agile working the norm

Mitra Janes

DLA Piper has long promoted flexible working, but last year it wanted to take a different approach. So it rebranded and relaunched its work culture as agile working and made all its messaging about encouraging people to think about working in an agile way and about how it would support them to do that. DLA […]

Rising up the career ladder in Sodexo


Jane Bristow, a managing director at Sodexo,the international food services and facilities management organisation, talks to about her role, how she got there and what she thinks can help encourage other women’s career progression. What does your role entail? Jane Bristow: I am the managing director of Sodexo’s Education business, providing catering and […]

Bish Bash Birthdays: the party franchise

Bish Bash Birthdays

Richard Jones has switched from giving careers advice to schoolchildren and university students to entertaining groups of small children in a polka dot waistcoat and hat. Richard is a franchisee for Bish Bash Birthdays which offers a whole range of themed parties to children aged three to eight. Just before he took up the franchise […]

Summer childcare dilemma

summer holidays

The majority of working mums don’t have summer childcare sorted yet, according to a poll. The poll shows 57% of mums have not got summer childcare sorted, compared to 21% who have and 22% who don’t need summer childcare. One woman said: “I work too many hours to get help with childcare costs, have […]

The’s Guide to Stretching Time

Funny woman with expander, fitness girl over white background

You’ve got a whole host of things to do to get to the end of the day and not enough time to do them in. Your lists have developed sub-lists and you’re constantly running three minutes late due to task overload. You need a lie-down, but there are 23 more urgent things to do before […]

Building an empathetic workplace


If the late 20th century workplace was one characterised by ambition at all costs, the 21st may be taking a bit of a different turn as people seek more supportive environments and employers emphasise the need for “soft” skills like communication and team building. In his new book, cultural thinker Roman Krznaric argues that the […]

Supporting future working

Mobile working

Dave Dunbar has spent over 20 years with BT, most recently as Head of Mobility Consulting, and has been at the forefront of its pioneering work on mobile working. Now he has set up a business with two former colleagues to pool all the expertise they have acquired to help businesses create flexible work cultures […]

A passion for flexible working

Chit Ghee

When Chit Ghee Yeoh applied for the role of director of internal audit at Metro Bank it was advertised as a full-time position. She was upfront about her need to work flexibly and has been doing the job on four days a week for the last 18 months. The flexible culture at Metro Bank has […]

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Want to be your own boss and work the hours that suit you? Our directory has a range of flexible business opportunities, and also offers the advice and support you need to succeed.

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