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Make the most of your expertise


Philippa Davies trained as an actress and worked on stage and screen before moving into journalism. She spotted a gap in the market and managed to build up a very successful consultancy, Voiceworks, which helps business people polish and improve their spoken communication skills. Now she is passing on her knowledge through the online platform […]

How to claim tax relief

Calculator and accounting

If you are one of the thousands of self-employed mums currently trading in the UK, then you need to be aware of the tax reliefs you are entitled to claim. If you are self-employed then you can claim expenses against your tax bill. Thousands of pounds are sitting in HMRC’s coffers waiting to be reimbursed […]

How to be a lifestyle entrepreneur


You’ve collaborated on homework projects, but have you ever considered working with your children? Angela Neustatter is a well regarded journalist and writer. A former editor of the Guardian Women’s page, she has freelanced successfully for years so when her son Cato Hoeben decided to leave a secure, but long hours office job for a […]

Helping parents back to work

Work Life balance, Signpost, Family

When Tania Jones was on maternity leave from her job in HR, she kept bumping into parents who asked her how they could get back to work after a career break.  Should they freelance or go down the employment route? they asked. What were their employment rights? “I was being bombarded with questions,” she says. […]

Mentoring: a symbiotic relationship


Mentoring partnerships that aim to support women’s career progression are not just beneficial for mentees, but also for the mentor, according to the chief executive of Angel Trains who is involved in a Women in Rail mentoring process. Malcolm Brown has been mentoring Laura Addey, a business improvement specialist in Network Rail for just over […]

Should allowances be made for women seeking to practise at the Bar?

Women in Law

In 2014, the Bar Council commissioned research to establish the progress women were making at the Bar and to model when, based on current trends, the Bar might achieve gender balance. Depressingly, whilst the research established there has been a clear movement towards gender equality at Call to the Bar, the research also established that […]

‘Going part time in recruitment meant taking a pro rata pay cut’

Computer, Black and white, desk, marketing

Jennifer Herbert has worked in recruitment for over 17 years and steadily rose through the ranks to achieve a senior management position in charge of the UK recruitment operation of a leading global accountancy firm. Following the birth of her two children in 2008 and 2010, Jennifer was put ‘at risk of redundancy’ on both […]

Small business with big ambitions


Offering a flexible, family friendly work environment where every member of staff has a career development plan has helped medical communications agency Synergy Vision scoop the corporate prize at this year’s Women of the Future Awards. It was up against stiff competition from the likes of Unilever and Accenture. “We felt like the wild card […]

How to get your books in order before Christmas


The festive season is just around the corner, which means it’s not long until the New Year arrives – bringing with it the inevitable dilemma about whether you need to make any resolutions to change your life, or business, for the better. But rather than waiting for January 1st to arrive before you decide whether […]

Getting mums back into hairdressing


Deborah Imber had no idea when she offered to cut the hair of children in her daughter’s nursery that that would be the start of a business which is now training other mums who have taken a career break from hairdressing. Deborah had been working as a self-employed barber in the City when the barber’s […]

How to communicate effectively

Women mean business

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg memorably called on women to “lean in” to have greater power in the workplace. For author and communications specialist Chris Davidson, the way women communicate is a key factor in them progressing their careers in the corporate world. He believes women should dominate 21st Century business, but says the majority of […]

Changing the stereotypes around engineering


Young girls are attracted to engineering careers aged 11, but by the time they hit 14 they are totally ‘switched off’, believing it to be an unglamorous and anti-social career choice, according to research. Engineering firms believe there is therefore just a small window of opportunity for the industry to act and break down these […]

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