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Searching for a permanent job with some flexibility?

Searching for a permanent job with some flexibility?

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You can find permanent jobs with home working, term-time working or some other flexibility, ideal for working mums and dads.

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Part Time Jobs

Looking for a Part Time job to help you balance work and family life? offers you access to a range of part time jobs from a broad range of employers – including self employment and business opportunities. Search Part Time Jobs.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is a wonderful way of giving something back as well as learning new skills. You can add volunteering to your CV to show the breadth of what you have to offer employers, plus it is a good way of boosting your confidence in returning to work after some time off. Search for volunteering jobs.

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There are employers out there that can offer flexibility for full time jobs, so if you need a little more balance in your working life, search full time jobs today.

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Find home working jobs to suit family life. There are a range of home working jobs available on an employed or self-employed basis working for both small companies and bigger well known corporate organisations. Search for home working jobs now.