Employers... If you're still unsure about using Working Mums to find your perfect employee, read some of the comments we've received from happy mums who have used our service and been impressed with the response.

Caroline Sands, Hampshire

"I wanted to write to thank you as it was due to your web site that I have found the most perfect business. I am a trained beauty therapist but have had time off having my 4 children. So I was looking for something that would fit into my busy life. I heard about Body Energy in your health section and have never looked back. I took up the training a year ago and have recently opened my own practice in Hampshire close to where I live. It is proving really successful and has done wonders for my confidence. Thank you again I'd recommend you to anyone."

Caroline Jones, Rural Shropshire

"It was a pleasure to come across your site as I was able to find a part time homeworking job that fits around my family. I have recently been taken on with Teletech, the American Outsourcing company, and am in the middle of a 6 week training schedule. I am finding it interesting and fun and am pleased to have a job that will take advantage of my experience and skills"

Elaine Steel, Northamptonshire

"Thank you for your excellent website. I applied for one of the jobs advertised and got it! I can't wait to get started! I hope more employers use this site to find talented women. I can now put all my skills and experience to great use and help others at the same time, brilliant!"

Amanda O'Loughlin, Bolton

"I recieved a email from you advertising part time jobs. I applied for one of the advertised positions, and heard back from the company the same day. I then attended an interview the following week, recieved the good news that I had won the position, and am now very happy working for 'LifeLine Screenings'. I would like to thank you for the email!!!"

Jackie Hourigan, Woodford

"By chance I applied and was employed after 12 years of being out of work - a career break to have a family. I discovered your website through google. I sat down late one night and put my details in then 2 days later was approached by a highly regarded investment management company. I am now working 2 1/2 days a week. I did not want to waste time approaching agencies. Working mums did exactly the job I needed in todays modern world."

Gill Frood, Wimbledon

"I found my current job through the website and am now on a rolling contract with a local company where I work 16.5 hours a week. I applied for an Internet Consultant job but ended up on contract as a marketing manager. The job suits me very well - its local to my kids school, its very flexible and most importantly of course it pays well - which is rather rare for a part time job! So - thanks for the introduction!"

Mindie Jefferies, Folkstone

"I would just like to thank you for your excellent website. I indeed found the perfect job and just got it. After a relentless search for something that will suit me and my kids life your website was perfect. I just recently immigrated and came from the corporate world needed to find something to do, but to get the right position seem to be impossible until I found your website. Thanks to you I now will be able to be there for my two daughters, and still be able do something for my myself."

Michelle Lliffe, Leeds

"I came across Working Mums purely by accident. One of the jobs on offer that immediately caught my eye was for Wow property. I have no experience in the estate agency industry, and only a small amount of sales experience, but what attracted me was they asked only for people who were enthusiastic, confident, outgoing and a lover of property. I thought to myself, “I could do that! …. So I applied. Within a couple of days I had a telephone interview and was offered the job on the spot!! It just goes to show that if you have a great website like Working Mums that work alongside open minded and flexible employees like Wow then we can all gain the “work life balance” that we all crave."

Alison Dalgleish, Cambridgeshire

“I joined working mums and on the same day applied for a part-time position as a Business Travel Consultant. I am due to start work next week. If you are thinking of going back to work I would highly recommend WorkingMums.co.uk.”

Gillian McKearney, Scotland

"I just wanted to say thank you for a great site. I recently started working from home for a software house based in London as Client Services Manager. I am based in Scotland. This was due to an advert that I saw on your site. Thanks again WorkingMums for all your help in securing me my dream job."

Alison McMurtrie, Northampton

“After only registering with you on 28th June I was contacted the next day regarding a job in my local area. To my delight and surprise I got offered the job this week with exactly the part time hours I wanted and it fits in with school hours as well. So thank you very much for helping me in finally finding a job that doesn’t crucify me with hours and ridiculous expectations with two young children. I have passed on your details to two other friends who have heard my story and are very interested in your website.”

Nicole Knight, St Albans

"I used to have regular look at your positions as I was looking for a part-time position based from home. One day I saw a Sales Coordinator job advertised and it seemed to be just what I was looking for. I applied and 3 days later I had a phone call from the company. I met the Director of the company and a week later he hired me. He also told me that he was really impressed with your website, for the quality of the candidates he got sent through. I am now one month into my new job, loving it and telling every mother I meet who is looking for part-time job to check your website. Thank you workingmums!"

Leanne Leigh, London

“I have used workingmums.co.uk from its launch earlier this year, and found it an invaluable service from the start. To be able to honestly specify my working wishes and match them with potential opportunities within an easy to use environment is pretty unique and within 4 weeks I had interviews set up. I have and will continue to recommend the website and its associated services to friends.ÂIndeed, in my new job as a recruiter, I shall use the site to find able applicants."

Caroline Whitelegge, Leighton Buzzard, Beds

“Having read about the launch of your website in the Sunday Times Style magazine, I really just wanted to say thank you for recognising that there is a growing need to provide this kind of support for women, and congratulations for having the determination to do something about it. I think the website and the whole concept is fantastic!”

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