What makes for a successful relationship?

What makes for a successful relationship?

It's Valentine's Day and what better time to reflect on what makes for successful relationships?

Researchers at the Open University have begun a research project, called Enduring Love, which looks at how couples think about and experience their long-term relationships. They are keen for people from all walks of life to take part and fill in their questionnaire. The two-year study will examine the emotional and practical ‘work’ that people do to keep their relationships going and the ways that social policies and popular culture shape what it means to be a couple.

Lead researcher Jacqui Gabb says: "The project questionnaire will tell them us what relationships look like in the 21st century and the different factors that are associated with diverse relationship experiences. Have your say and let us know about your relationship!"

Visit the project website and complete the questionnaire: www.enduringlove.co.uk

For further information on the project you can also contact:  Jacqui Gabb J.A.Gabb@open.ac.uk; Janet Fink J.Fink@open.ac.uk and Martina Klett-Davies Martina.Klett-Davies@open.ac.uk.

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