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When should you keep the kids off school?

When do you keep kids off school? Public Health Wales has just issued a health guide giving parents advice on when to keep their kids off. Apparently, not for nits…

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I am beginning to hate the alphabet. Only son is learning his letters. He has gone into what I can only describe as letter hyperdrive. It started slowly with 's'…

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Networking and equal pay

I write about networking quite a lot. It's very in, but the thought of actually doing it sometimes seems like a bit too much of an effort. I'm just too…

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Exhibitions - on stand etiquette and guidelines

Every exhibition and every venue is different, but here a few basic guidelines to remember when representing your company at an event or exhibition. Make sure you maximise ROI and…

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Five minutes peace

I had imagined that daughter two's ultra punctuality would have a positive impact on daughter one's reluctance to see any hours with AM after them. With the added imperative that…

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