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Marketing and what it can do for you

The benefits you will get from today’s blog is guidance on how to:

- Understand what marketing is

- How it fits into your business

- The benefits of marketing

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Synchronised trampoline dancing

I fear my trampolining days are over. Inspired by the dancing 79 year old on Britain's Got Talent I decided to do a trampolining session at the weekend with daughter…

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How not to be a workaholic

How not to be a workaholic

Having a strong work ethic can easily alienate your partner and family. At least that is the case – according to author Robert Kelsey - if we are thoughtless or…

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6pm ban on work emails

The French are apparently going to ban people writing work emails after 6pm. Part of me thinks 'great idea'. Everyone is overloaded and there is no escape from the dreaded…

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Meerkats in Essex

I have been searching around for things to do in the Easter holidays that are relatively near home and don't cost a packet and I think I have hit the…

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