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The shape of my ears

I am still recovering from Mother's Day. Despite the early awakening, everyone was keen to celebrate. Daughter two hand crafted some flowers and a vase out of paper and made…

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Mother's Day 'lie-in'

I made the fatal mistake of asking for a sleep-in on Saturday as this is my normal day for a lie-in. One of us gets up early on Saturday and…

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Jacqueline Wilson Club

I'm still recovering from the cough and so after having coughed half the night and then been woken up several times by toddler boy kicking me, which triggered more coughing…

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Stamina failure

My mum is heading off into the sunset again or maybe it's the sunrise, depending on the hours. She's off to visit my long-lost brother in the foothills of the…

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No adults in sight

It's been a long, child-centred weekend. I don't think I've actually spoken face to face to an adult for over 48 hours and the toddler's been waking up at the…

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