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Balloon race

One birthday party down, one to go. Daughter three had her birthday barbacue this weekend. It comes two weeks before only son's birthday for which preparations are already under way.…

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Spanish exchange

We're into day three of the week and already daughter one is in Spain, daughter three has celebrated her birthday and daughter two has done about 10 SATs. Plus we…

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This is a big week. Daughter two begins SATs. Daughter one is going on a Spanish exchange. Daughter three's birthday is on Tuesday and only son has a parents' evening…

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Birthday weekend

It was my birthday this weekend. Toddler boy was very excited. On Friday he started wrapping up one of his toys and made about six cards. "I can't wait for…

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A tenth birthday

Daughter two is 10 and very excited about being in double figures. Her birthday began very early and included ice creams at the local Harvester [a rather frantic session with…

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