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The need for routine

Christmas is over, New Year has passed. We look around at the fallout of the festive period with decorations no longer making us smile and Christmas cards gathering dust.  Weeks…

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Christmas lurgy

It's Christmas therefore I must by rights succumb to the winter lurgy. I was doing fine till Monday. Daughter two was sick last week and spent her sister's 15th birthday…

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Pre-Christmas panic

We're on the brink of Christmas and it's the time of year when work people want to squeeze in as many emails, calls and meetings as possible in the fear…

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Shopping and sibling rivalry

Going shopping with small people is not advisable, even if it is only for advent calendars, but most particularly on Black Friday weekend. I was intending to stay well away…

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Mums are more productive - shock

I came across a study this week, as you do. It's US research based on 10,000 men and women and it apparently shows that, far from the stereotype of uncommmitted…

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