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Letting down the kids

I'd like to say that I am going back to work after the holidays refreshed, but the truth is that I checked emails all the way through the holidays due…

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Back to normal

After a marathon journey beginning at 5am we are back in the UK and, as toddler boy said as he donned his favourite yellow dress, 'back to normal'. SO back…

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A day in Pamplona

The holiday is nearly over and daughter one is very much looking forward to two weeks in bed to recover from being forced to walk around Spanish towns. Earlier this…

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Basque odyssey

We're staying in a lovely flat in the centre of Bilbao in the beautiful Basque region. It's all undulating mountains and green forests with occasional views down to the Atlantic…

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On the way to Spain

We're on our way to northern Spain and the norovirus is on our heels. So far, daughter three and toddler boy have succumbed. Daughter two spent yesterday feeling ill and…

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