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Back to school, back to sickness

Only son and daughter three went back to school on Tuesday and daughter one and two on Monday. By Wednesday, only son had a sore tummy. By Friday daughter one…

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When should you keep the kids off school?

When do you keep kids off school? Public Health Wales has just issued a health guide giving parents advice on when to keep their kids off. Apparently, not for nits…

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End of term-ness

It's nearing the end of term so, naturally, everyone is feeling slightly under the weather [even the weather is feeling under the weather]. I was feeling ever so slightly norovirus-ish…

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Croaky boy

Toddler boy is suffering from a sore throat and cough. The cough is really annoying as it stops him getting to sleep. Obviously it is very annoying for toddler boy…

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Damp washing

Toddler boy is becoming even more eccentric. He insisted on going to sleep the other night in a fairy dress, a pair of day-glo sunglasses, two hairbands worn around his…

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