How to boost your child's literacy while working from home

How to boost your child's literacy while working from home

Working from home with a family is demanding. You live in your work and often it’s very difficult to balance the two especially when you want to find the time to encourage your children to keep reading and writing at home for pleasure. What can you do to maximise their literary skills and enjoyment from within a working home environment? Here are some easy tips:

- The Internet

Search for ‘Children’s Literacy’ websites. There’s a wealth of educational sites offering free advice for different Key Stages, plus downloadable reading and writing activity sheets, and literacy games to provide fun and interactive learning experiences. Visit the websites first and check their content. Be selective. Choose the best. Ensure your computer settings protect your children.

- Libraries

Use their online resources to reserve books for your children. Collect the books at a time that suits you. Libraries also loan e-books to download onto an e-reader, so you don’t even have to collect! Encourage kids to browse the library catalogue so they can select their own reading material.

- Link books and films

Select a book that has also been made into a film. Set the challenge of reading the book before they see the film. Open up their experiences of how stories can be created in different media. Some may even have a stage production. Discuss whether they were true to the book or not and which they preferred.

- Read books together

Choose a book to read together. Discuss the book afterwards in terms of characters, the plot and genre etc. Take it turns to choose the title to promote a wider knowledge of genre and writing style.

- Audio books

Libraries have a good selection of complete and abridged versions. Listening to stories improves listening skills, gives a different experience to reading and with a set of earplugs, kids can listen wherever they want!

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