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Home alone on holiday?

I wonder how many kids are at home alone - or with older siblings - over the summer? I suspect an awful lot. …

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Remembering stuff

Remembering stuff is challenging when you have too much going on.…

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I am writing this while listening to daughter three, Miss XXX, attempting to teach only son. "When I say school lunch" intoned Miss XXX, "you don't say 'what' you say 'school dinners'," she has told him very seriously. Only son is perched on a chair with his backpack on and one leg folded over the other. He was very keen about starting big school when he started this teaching game thing. I'm not so sure he will be as keen by the end.…

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Back to work

It's back to work with a bump, although I've been checking emails the whole time I was on holiday. I must admit that I was still in holiday mode until the last drop of the weekend had passed despite my partner being in a pit of despond from first thing Sunday morning at the thought of the great return.…

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Back to bake off

We're back after a marathon driving session through most of France and a last stretch in England in which every single motorway seemed to have a traffic problem. Fortunately, the kids were very relaxed throughout and mostly slept or listened to music. Unfortunately, that meant they were raring to go as soon as we got home while their parents, who had had to stay awake and focus on driving or paying motorway tolls, were slightly the worst for wear. …

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