Mum on the Run

On the road to secondary school

I've spent quite a bit of time this week on the road to secondary school. Daughter one has had migraines twice in the night which means she has had to go into school late. …

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When children take an interest in your job

Daughter one has started taking an interest in my job. She claims to want to come to events that I go to.…

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Half term is over

Half term is over and while we should have emerged refreshed from the break, I fear that a week with four children is not perhaps the recipe for recharging one's batteries. …

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Homework on holiday

We're on holiday and the homework has come with us.…

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Travelling with kids

We're on holiday. Sort of. Emails still come piling in and for some reason people seem to think half term is a good time to issue parent-related news. They seem to assume that parents are lolling around on half term, kicking back with the news instead of the rather less than relaxing reality.…

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