Mum on the Run


Well, I did cry at the leavers sobfest. Just a bit, and mainly because daughter two, who had vowed not to cry, was overtaken by a wave of emotion and started clinging to her friends and shaking.…

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End of primary school sobfest

Daughter two is feeling slightly over-goodbyed. She has had weeks - it feels like months - of goodbye events for the end of primary school.…

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Secondary sports

Wednesday was daughter one's sports day. She was no more keen for anyone in the family to attend this year than last. Her comment last year that "even I don't want to be there" was recalled.…

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End of term knackeredness

Get me to the end of term! It's just one week, but I feel like a thirst-crazed woman crawling through the desert. Every morning the gods conspire to throw something new into the mix of exhaustion and general all round had-enoughness that is the end of the summer term. …

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Monster magazines

Only son has developed a split personality. On weekdays he wears "boy clothes" and likes "monster" stuff. The rest of the time he prefers his sisters' clothes.…

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