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Struggles with dinner, part 110

Daughter three refused to eat her dinner the other night and, when we protested, she designed a whole cloud-based chart about it.…

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No school uniform day

No school uniform day creates a slight feeling of panic in our house. "Why do they have it so often?" asked daughter two. I think schools envisage it as some kind of favour to the students - at least that's how they pitch it - but no-one in our house likes it AT ALL.…

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Anti-consumer consumerism

As with food in our house [one veggie, one health freak, one meat-arian and one devotee of the fish finger], we have to cater to a variety of shopping styles. …

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Going backwards

In which the car hand brake doesn't work and the car starts moving without me in it.…

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An afternoon in A & E

I have been reading all the headlines about the crisis in the NHS [in addition to the normal fare of gloom, doom and imminent catastrophe]. I have inferred that part of the problem is people going to A & E instead of going to their GP so when daughter three slammed her thumb in a car at the weekend and was still sobbing with pain on Monday morning, despite copious doses of Calpol and cuddles throughout Sunday night, I thought the best option was to ring the GP.…

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