I have finally caught up with work emails after taking just two days off and, sadly, carting my laptop with me on holiday. This meant having to find out the WEP key at our friends' house or diverting into WiFi fast food restaurants for no apparent reason. One day soon I am going to forget all my passwords and keywords. Indeed, I completely blanked on holiday trying to remember the pin number of our joint account and I tried to send an e-card to a relative the other day and it took an interminable time because I couldn't figure out which permutation of figures I had to enter to get into the account.
The modern world is not designed for people with faulty memories. Indeed, it is probably not designed for people at all, but for other computers who are much more reliable than people. "What are you writing on your hand, Mummy?" daughter three inquired the other day as we were doing spelling tests. "It's just a reminder to ring your gran in five minutes and put the car seat out for her tomorrow," I replied. "Won't you remember that when you go downstairs?" she asked. Silly question. I can forget something en route to actually doing it.
We have only been back two minutes and she has already sent me a letter inviting me to a sleepover of Saturday [again!] and has now taken to texting me messages from and to my own phone about what she has planned for the night. "What are you most looking forward to on Saturday?" she asks every five minutes. Daughter one smirks. Daughter two is indignant that I should even contemplate another sleepover and got hold of the phone to reply to one of the questions: "No way. I am not having a sleepover with you." She has just successfully bid for an ince cream maker on e-Bay for her birthday and I anticipate that we will be eating very interesting ice cream concoctions from now till summer.
Daughter one has been looking a bit peeky again. The baby has been teething again and every morning his first move is to the Wii sports mat where he jumps up and down and attempts to insert CDs into the machine. Daughter two is mounting a campaign to bagsy the L-shaped corner of the sofa as her own. She will probably soon be building a fort on it. For some reason, this is the most hotly contested spot in the house. So basically nothing much has changed since we went away. I am just slightly older and slightly more forgetful than last week.

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Oh I can sooooo relate to this...I forget everything, and use my hand ALL the time to remember stuff. Not enough room in my head anymore....

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