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Veering between energy rush and zero energy

So, it came to pass that on Friday I finally decided I needed to start winding down to the birth. I did a fair bit of work in the morning,…

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All phones switched on

I think everyone else is getting a bit more excited about this birth thing than me. I have resigned myself to the baby never coming out and am planning days out…

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Birthday party

No baby yet, but lots of children. I spent the weekend among five year olds as it was big girl daughter's fifth birthday and I had, somewhat foolishly perhaps given…

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I appear to have fixed the computer. I say 'appear' as I am sure something is going to go wrong very soon. It cannot possibly have been that easy. We had…

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Curly Wurly

We are in Belgium. When I say we, I mean the family and the maternity notes. I am no longer going anywhere without them. The initial pregnancy nausea is back…

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