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Buying school uniforms: part two

Much excitement in the house this week. Only son's school pants [shorts] have arrived. Oh yes. After a minor tantrum about wearing school trousers, based on their longness, we have…

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In praise of daughter three

Daughter three has asked for this blog to be entirely about her. Daughter three is a rather phenomenal person with a rather messy bedroom. This is in part because she…

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Sleepovers and school uniforms

This week has been a social planning extravaganza. Everyone, bar only son, has been for a sleepover. Daughter two has been baking at her grandmother's. Daughter three organised a Harry…

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Home alone on holiday?

I wonder how many kids are at home alone - or with older siblings - over the summer? I suspect an awful lot. Of course, no-one wants to speak about…

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Remembering stuff

Nobody seems to believe in bedtime during the summer holidays. I have been staying up fairly late watching some programme called something like Stepford Wives Revisited with daughter one. This…

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