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Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Only son has had his first trip to the cinema. It went slightly wrong. It was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but we had to stop on the way for…

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Is cold calling giving telemarketing a bad name?

As I often work from home, I am astounded, as well as annoyingly disturbed, by the sheer amount of junk phone calls I receive to the main landline. From new…

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Half-term madness

It's half term and daughter two has gone into gymnastics overdrive. She must spend at least half the day upside down doing handstands. She has co-opted the cot mattress for…

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Silencing women

This weekend I managed to get two children to come along to some debates at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas on Saturday and on Sunday I went for the…

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Taking the kids to work

My children have finally got to the age - some of them at least - where they are taking an interest in what I do - kind of. Daughter three…

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