Women occupy less than a third of senior positions

Women occupy less than a third of senior positions

Women occupy less than a third of the country's most senior positions across 11 key sectors, according to a survey by BBC News.

The survey found women account for on average 30.9% of the most senior positions across sectors including business, politics and policing, with the armed forces and judiciary having just 1.3% and 13.2% of top posts occupied by women. Secondary education had the highest percentage with 36.7%.

The survey comes in the week that EU consultation on legislation to get more women into senior positions, including quotas for women on boards, closes. The UK Government has written to the EU, saying it is opposed to more regulation.

The BBC survey found:

- 1.3% of brigadiers (or their equivalent) and above across the Army, Navy and RAF are women 
- 13.2% of the most senior judges (High Court and above, including Senators of the College of Justice in Scotland) are women 
- 14.2% of university vice-chancellors are women
- 16.6% of the most senior staff in the police (Acpo ranks and above) are women
- 34.7% of the senior civil service are female.

The Home Office says it aims to have more than half of new public appointments filled by women by 2015.

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