Private companies 'don't want to take on public sector staff'

Private companies 'don't want to take on public sector staff'

Over half of private sector companies do not want to take on former employees from the public sector, according to research by Barclays Corporate and the Financial Times.

Many of the 500 private sector companies surveyed said they did not believe people in the public sector were qualified to be in their businesses.  

Some  57% of the companies said they were thinking about creating jobs, but that they needed to feel that they would see signs of growth through sales first. Some 78% employers in London are planning to create jobs this year.  The slowest growths in jobs and sales is predicted by companies from Northern Ireland and Wales.

Barclays Corporate managing director Kevin Wall says: “It’s very dangerous as an employer to stick a label on someone… It reflects a prejudice in people’s minds that risks them not hiring people who can actually give them a hell of a lot.”

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