3 ways redundancy can create new opportunities

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3 ways redundancy can create new opportunities

Uncertainty is never nice, but we are currently living a reality where we must face it at every turn. One of the worst elements of uncertainty is a lack of job security and the threat of redundancy. But, whilst frightening and disruptive, redundancy can often be a catalyst for new opportunities.

Here are 3 ways redundancy has created opportunities for our franchisees at the eDivert franchise network:

1. Becoming a franchisee

Approximately 30% of our franchisees have joined eDivert because of redundancy. It’s true that times of economic downturn can be the best circumstances for launching a new business and these motivated individuals have proved it. They’ve grown businesses and created lifestyles that they feel are an improvement on what they had before – and all while the country is in lockdown.

Starting a business as a franchisee is the ideal approach during uncertainty because the business model already exists and there are a lot of supporting factors, such as training, to speed up the process of getting yourself established. So, for those with the appetite to succeed, joining eDivert is an opportunity they may not otherwise have come across.

2. Increased need for outsourcing

Firms may be cutting costs but that doesn’t always mean they can do without the resource entirely. A common approach is to reduce the size of a department and then outsource some of the work. This means the job gets done but with reduced costs of employment.

Because eDivert offers exactly the sort of support services that businesses may be cutting back on, we have found we’ve gained more business opportunities as the trend towards outsourcing grows. It’s easy for us to offer the services at a saving to the businesses because we don’t incur the high costs of premises and employees which means better opportunities all round.

3. Take back control

For many of us, the sense of not knowing what’s in store is worse than the redundancy notice itself. During the pandemic, we’ve all lost some of the control we had. We are, albeit temporarily, not able to make decisions on many aspects of our day-to-day life or our future. Taking back that control by consciously deciding to start your own business can feel like an enormous relief and, if part of a voluntary redundancy programme, can also pay dividends. Redundancy settlements can be used to invest in a franchise and are an excellent kickstart for a business which you can then build and grow on your own terms, alongside a lifestyle with a much better balance.

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