48% have experienced a mental health problem at work

stressed, depressed women at work


Poor mental health at work is widespread, with half of all people surveyed saying they have experienced a mental health problem in their current job, according to a study by the charity Mind.

The survey of more than 44,000 employees also revealed that only half of those who had experienced poor mental health had talked to their employer about it, suggesting that as many as one in four UK workers is struggling in silence.

Online Resource

These findings are revealed as a new online Mental Health at Work ‘gateway’ – a free online resource for employers and employees – is launched today by Prince William.

Mind says the survey shows offering managers proper support can make managers feel far more likely to feel confident in promoting staff wellbeing.

Moreover, those staff who felt their manager supported their mental health or could spot the signs that someone might be struggling were far more likely to say they would be able to talk about their mental health at work.

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