5 job advert tips for recruiting the best candidates

You have a great role which you need to fill. How can you attract the very best candidates to it? What can you do to ensure that those who have the right skills and experience apply?

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Here are 5 simple tips on writing an effective job advert, to ensure that you attract the right candidates:

Put yourself in their shoes

You will get a better response if you really consider the job advert from the point of view of the candidate applying. What do they want to hear about? What makes a difference to them? A potted history of your business is unlikely to be the first thing they want to hear about. Be sure to include something about working hours and employee benefits at the start of the advert.  Also think about where you are advertising. For example – if you post your advert on Workingmums.co.uk then the candidates searching are likely to be interested in what flexibility you can offer, so you should include those details in the opening lines of your advert.

Use an Industry Standard Job Title

In your business you may prefer the title ‘Satisfaction Agent‘,  or ‘Customer Guru‘ – something different which fits in with your brand. However, some of the best people for the role are likely to be searching for a more generic term like ‘Customer Service‘.  Also, to ensure the best number of views of your job, avoid using job titles that are in question form. For example, don’t use “Looking for a job in customer service?” but instead  use”Customer Service Agent“.

State the Salary

In a 2016 Global Jobseeker survey* two thirds of the respondents said they were more likely to apply to a job which contained salary information. Of course, sometimes this is impossible but it is best if you can include something – even if it is a less specific salary range.

Include common keywords and phrases

Repeating your job title, or job area within the job text itself can help improve the visibility of your job in search engine rankings and job board searches. Don’t stuff it too full of keyphrases, but ensure you repeat them a couple of times. For example you could write “We are searching for an experienced Customer Service Agent…” and “As a customer service agent you will….” This should help improve visibility for your job amongst those searching for customer service roles.

Make the benefits clear

One way you can stand out from other vacancies – all searching for that super star candidate – is to make the benefits of working for YOUR business very clear. Tell them about your flexible working policies, talk about any employee benefit schemes you have in place and share a little bit about your culture so they can get a feel for the kind of business you are, and what the people who work there are like.  All this should encourage them to click that apply button!

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*Global Jobseeker Survey 2016, run by Madgex in association with the Job Board Doctor

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