90% of mums worried about returning to work, says survey

Nine out of 10 mums say they feel anxious about returning to work after having a child, with almost half saying they felt very anxious, according to a survey from the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years.

Some 71% worried about the extent that they would miss their children. Flexible working was a big concern with 56% saying they were concerned about their working arrangements not being compatible. Some 55% were concerned about missing key events in their child’s life and 48% were anxious that they wouldn’t find suitable childcare. Some 83% said the ability to work part-time or flexibly would lessen their anxiety, while over half said finding the right childcare provider would ease their worries.

Penny Tassoni, PACEY President and Early Years expert comments: “Our research shows how heightened anxiety is for mothers when they return to work and what an incredibly stressful time it is. With the increasing pressure on mothers to achieve the perfect work/life balance, feelings of guilt, anxiety and worry are all-consuming and separation anxiety is increasingly commonplace amongst parents and children. The childcare setting is central to mums successfully returning to work, and getting this right will have a positive impact on both mother and child. ”

The main incentive to return to work was money: 75% of mothers were looking forward to contributing to family finances; and 62% wanted more financial independence.

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