A bad start to the day



Things didn’t begin well yesterday, but they slowly picked up.

It was a bad start to the day yesterday. We were running late as usual. In fact, later than usual so we didn’t even catch the tail end of the line-up and had to go in through the front entrance of the school. I had left my bag in the car in my haste. I rushed to the petrol station to get some ginger beer for rebel daughter’s 1940s extravaganza on Friday. I am now thinking of ways of putting it into a receptacle that is less 2009 than a tin. I went home to work and do an interview about financial planning for families, followed by a conference call. In between I got an angry call from my partner. He had had an accident at 9am and left an urgent message on my phone. My phone doesn’t show if someone has left a message. I think it probably should, but I never had time to read the very long instruction manual. He had burst a tyre trying to avoid a car and lost control of the car. Luckily, he wasn’t going very fast, but no-one stopped and he was in shock. He has had a lot on his mind lately.

After saying sorry for forgetting my phone, I returned to work. At school, my mum and her partner met me and the girls were super-excited to see them. Bonkers daughter has felt there has been “something missing” since they have not been around. Big girl daughter told everyone that she is going to be a snowflake rather than a beautiful angel. I am hoping that is not as complicated a costume as it sounds. We went home for some flapjacks and some Argentine gifts all round. The girls at last had someone who would play Happy Families with them [I have tried, but that is one long card game…]. Bonkers and big girl daughter started some kind of golf tournament with an obstacle course in the middle then retired upstairs to play teachers. I did some percentages with rebel daughter and then the grown-ups collapsed in a heap, as usual.

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