A network focused on mental health best practice

The Mental Health and Well Being Network offers support, advice and best practice examples to those who work with children and young people who struggle with their mental health.

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The Mental Health and Well Being Network is a membership forum set up to support professionals who work to ensure that children, young people, adults and families affected by mental health issues can progress and achieve.

It offers continued professional development in mental health practice and virtual networking opportunities, shares best practice and is a forum for live discussions with those working in the field, which includes everything from stress to addiction, eating disorders and knife crime. The network also provides access to coaching and peer mentoring. The emphasis is on mental health first aid and in addition to professional support, members run therapeutic art sessions, a listening and support service and family enrichment workshops.

Yvette Dooley is Project Coordinator and Director of the MHWB Network. She says the network provides much needed ongoing support to those working in the area of mental health and well being.

Covid-19 and well being

Yvette has worked in the field of education for over twenty years and knows only too well the pressures teachers are under.

She says: “Well being for education professionals has been challenging for some time, but Covid-19 has taken it to another level.”

Yvette speaks of the early days of the pandemic when government guidance changed so rapidly schools found it hard to keep up, causing additional stress as they played catch-up.

She says the demands on teachers are high as are the expectations after months of children studying at home, with all the social and educational issues that may have created. However, teachers have to do so with few additional resources, she adds.

Yvette says: “There is a huge need for ongoing professional support so that educational professionals can help children in an environment where government demands on schools are very high.”

She is keen to partner with other organisations, including employers, to help teachers to support the workforce of the future in recognition of the many mental health challenges they face.

*To get in touch, visit www.mhwbnetwork.com or www.mhwbnetwork.org. Enrolment opens on 1st September 2020 for those interested in becoming members of the network and benefiting from the range of different opportunities and support on offer.

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