Ad hoc homeworking ‘could open way to more home-based jobs’

Ad hoc homeworking improves work attendance and cuts office overhead costs, according to a survey by Advances Workplace Associates.

A survey of 10 major employers found that encouraging informal homeworking reduced sickness and absence, raised morale and increased productivity. AWA said ad hoc homeworking could open the door to more home-based jobs, but would need to be managed properly.

Andrew Mawson, managing director of AWA, said: “Management trust, and clear objectives are critical to making a success of informal homeworking, requiring the right training and a positive approach to measuring performance based on output.

“However, organisations going through major change have tended to resist this, resulting in an underlying suspicion among some employers that homeworking in any form is not legitimate working.”

“Ultimately, we foresee a future where more than 4 million people, about 10% of the current work-force, will work at home on a formal basis; and where almost all employees will demand some form of flexible working.”


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