How to advertise a part time job

Do you have a job to advertise? Have you thought about whether the position might work on a part-time basis? Not only could this save your company money, but it will open the role up to applications from a whole new section of the workforce.

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The number of part-time workers in the UK is ever-increasing, so a great way to increase the number of applications to a role is to advertise it as being part time. Read on for some tips on how and where to advertise part time jobs.

What is a part time job?

A part-time job is any role where the hours are less than full-time – which is usually 37.5 hours per week.

A part-time job could involve working one to four full days in a week, or shorter daily hours across a whole working week. For some businesses, this approach can work really well, especially if there are peak periods each day where more staff are needed.

Why do people want to work part-time?

Many working people today are seeking better work-life balance, perhaps to address their need to work while caring for children or relatives. Others may be seeking to increase their leisure time. Working parents, carers, older people, pet owners and those who do lots of volunteering are often among those looking to work part time. So a part time job advert can give you access to a whole new section of the job market.

How to advertise a part-time job opening

In terms of advertising your part time job, it’s fairly straightforward. Most job websites give you the option to advertise the role as part time, and for people to search exclusively for part time roles.

If possible, be specific about the hours you’re offering.  Some ads state that they are open to suggestion – you could say something like: ‘part-time hours have some flexibility, so at your interview, please feel free to talk about the hours that would suit you best’.

Where is the best place to advertise a part time job vacancy?

As well as the usual job sites that your company uses, if you have a part time job to advertise you should take a look at some sites that specialise in more flexibility in their roles.

As an example, workingmums was created to help parents find the kinds of jobs that work well with family life – like part time jobs. Our jobs section highlights part-time roles that are ideal for working parents. Employers list their jobs with us and are encouraged to bring out the elements that will appeal to parents.

Recruitment agencies for part time jobs

If the part time job you’re recruiting for is in a specialist field or you need someone with skills that are relatively rare, it’s worth approaching a recruitment agency. Today there are dedicated part time job recruitment agencies that are there to match people with the right part time role. Workingmums also offers traditional recruitment services, having been set up to support working parents in finding the right flexible and part time jobs.

Recruitment agencies usually only receive payment once you hire someone that they have put forward, and they can be a good source of candidates. You should expect to pay 15-20% of the candidate’s salary in recruitment fees if you do decide to take someone suggested by an agency, so you should factor this into your budgeting.

With suggestions that part-time working creates greater happiness, perhaps your new part-time hire will raise spirits in your workplace.

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