Advertising Guidelines for self-employed opportunities

We have a duty of care for the candidates applying for opportunities on our site, and based on feedback we have the following guidelines which must be adhered to within job postings featured on the site. reserve the right to remove or refuse the advert if it does not adhere to our guidelines.

Home Office

NB: Client Setup form must be completed including full name of advertiser, telephone number (work number preferred), company email address, UK address and website if you have one.

All adverts must include:

  1. Details about the recruitment process (Will you be contacting all applicants? Will you only contact successful applicants?)
  2. Clear and concise job title. For example ‘Working at home for money’ is not acceptable. What will successful candidates be doing? What is involved in the business opportunity/earning opportunity? Please reflect the nature of the job/opportunity in the job title. We cannot accept potential earnings included in job titles. Job titles must be short and succinct to fit in with site templates.
  3. Job description needs to be clear and realistic and needs to outline what will be involved – what exactly will they be doing?
  4. Needs to be clear it is a self-employed / business opportunity.
  5. Needs to be clear if there are any upfront costs, and what these might be.
  6. Your business logo must not be a photograph. Photographs will not be published as logos under any circumstance. The logo must be your official company logo with your company name or symbol.
  7. Adverts must include clear details on earning potential – how do candidates earn the money? How do they get paid? Realistic hours for earnings must be clearly stated. IE to earn £400 per week how many hours would actually be required?

If you have any queries about developing your advertisement according to these guidelines please contact or speak to your account manager.