All change for schools – and parents – in September

It’s all change for schools in September and already all the emails are coming in with all the different rules for parents…

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It’s officially the summer holidays, but already the school uniforms are in the shops and the schools have sent out various back to school messages as we prepare for another change come September.

We deal with three different schools and they are all doing the guidance in their own ways, but essentially it is about a bubble year group or groups, protected zones, staggered leaving times and so forth. Complicated. I’m already slightly worried about it as it all seems to come down to split second timing, something that is not my forte. Only son has to be picked up on a drive-through system in the car park. Everyone will be lined up and ready for parents to collect at 3pm on the dot.

Meanwhile daughter three’s school also finishes at 3pm and she is not allowed to loiter so will have to meet us down the road somewhere – hopefully it won’t rain a lot. And then daughter two is half an hour away and also not allowed to hang around after school. Normally she waits there for about half an hour until I can get there. Her school is encouraging students not to go into local shops so again she will have to wander around. We will need to invest in some good umbrellas.

That’s just the pick-ups. Drop-offs are similarly complicated and I’m not entirely sure if I can make it work yet. Normally daughter two is dropped off by her dad on his way to work around 40 minutes early. I think this is now banned. Daughter two has to go in between 8.30 and 8.45 – no earlier, no later. Only son has to be dropped in the car park at 8.45. I have no idea what happens if you are late. I think you have to stand out on the pavement until they let you in because parents are not allowed in reception.

The safest bet seems to be packed lunches for everyone and everyone needs to take in a whole bag full of equipment.
So far I have just scanned all the various letters and home school agreements and it’s made me a little bit dizzy so I have put it away for another day. Who knows what will have happened by September?

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