All out of time

Time, watch


It’s only September and I’m running out of hours to do things in. Every day seems more crammed than the last and this week my partner is away so I’m having to do the breakfast secondary school run. Someone has written I hate you in glitter gloo on only son’s shelf and it’s now being traipsed all over the house. The bathroom ceiling has developed a damp patch and the world in general is not doing well.

My partner is in Barcelona and whatsapping pictures of protests, banners declaring the Catalan republic and people covered in flags. God knows what is going to happen next. Let’s just say I’m not overly optimistic. Just a few months ago I was hoping that Barcelona could be a potential bolthole from Brexit…My brother has suggested Iceland and sent me a Bjork CD for my birthday.

Daughter one took offence at my early morning attempts to suggest that, while it is understandable that she wants a distraction from her studies, it might be a good idea to focus just for the next few months. The whole school thing will be over by May and she will be liberated to enjoy the tremendous freedom that working for a living brings. Daughter one can bear a grudge. She was still not talking to me by the end of the day. I sent only son in on a charm offensive, followed by the kitten.

Only son has got very into nutrition in general. He is doing science now that he is a big Key Stage two person. “I learned about trees today, mum” he said on the way home from school. “The teacher asked what they do and I said they give oxygen and sugar.” Sugar? Was he meaning sugar cane? Of course not. Only son was one step ahead of me. “The trees make sugar from the sunlight which feeds them, mum,” he explained patiently before giving a detailed nutritional breakdown of his lunch.

The Tesco delivery came soon after we got home. Only son provided a running commentary on the contents. “Bread. Now that’s carbohydrates which are good for energy,” he told the Tesco man. Later in the evening he was munching on some “healthy” fruit while doing a “pop art” painting with his sister.

So in addition to the glitter gloo there is now acrylic paint everywhere. Lovely.

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of

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