Almost half of all mums are struggling with their mental health’s annual survey shows the mental health impact of the cost of living crisis and how many women are dealing with the mental health issues of their children.

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New research from shows the worsening mental health situation for mothers and their children as almost half of all mums (48%) say their mental health has deteriorated in the past year. 

The figures, from’s annual survey of over 2,000 mums, show almost a quarter of mums (24%) saying their children are also suffering from mental health issues. 

More than half (51%) of those questioned said financial pressures contributed to their decreasing mental wellbeing.

As inflation has skyrocketed, wages have failed to keep pace: only 22% of mums say their pay has risen in line with inflation. 37% have had a rise that was less than inflation – but almost half (41%) haven’t had a pay rise at all. 

As a result of rising prices, 41% of mums have been forced to increase their working hours and 42% have taken on another job or side hustle to up their income. Almost a third (29%) have changed jobs recently, with higher wages being the driving factor. 

Mandy Garner, editor of, said: “It’s hardly surprising that mums are facing mental health problems when you look at the pressure they’re facing from all angles. They’re taking on extra work to keep a roof over their heads – but working longer hours isn’t a sustainable solution, it only leads to exhaustion and overwhelm, which in turn has a detrimental impact on mental health. What mums need is jobs that pay fairly and offer the flexibility and opportunities to work  alongside raising a family.”

Despite the increasing focus on flexible working and the need to retain female talent, more than two-thirds of mums (64%) say their career has stalled since having a baby. 71% say they will look for a new job in the next year, and 50% expect to have to move sector in order to get the flexibility they’re looking for. 

The survey also shows 30% of employers do not support their employees’ mental health – despite more than two-thirds (67%) admitting this is a retention issue for them. 

Mandy Garner added: “Given the figures from the survey, it’s clear mums need more support, not less. Employers who step up will reap the rewards in terms of retention and loyalty.”

*Full survey results here.

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